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Aristide Massaccesi: Demo

Aristide Massaccesi a.k.a. DJ Entox a.k.a. John Fanning of Hampton, New Hampshire, USA, a long-time pHinnWeb collaborator (without whom this site probably wouldn't exist) and the man behind The Skreem zine (www.c8.com/skreem/) has released his first demo CD-R.

I just got John's demo myself, and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone. Experimental/noise/ambient/IDM influences working finely together as one; sounding at times like the late 60's early synthetic experimentations la Erkki Kurenniemi (a Finnish electronic pioneer); one of the strongest debuts I have heard in ages. Sorry, no RealAudio or MP3's yet, but maybe in the future...?

Aristide Massaccesi / DJ Entox info:

Copyright © 1999 Erkki Rautio. Reprinted with permission.

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