RinneRadio has split - for the time being

September 15, 1997:

The Finnish jazz/techno act RinneRadio has split in its contemporary form. According to the saxophone player and writer Tapani Rinne it is a question of "natural renewal" since the quartet has come to "the end of its artistic road".

The last version of RinneRadio consisted, besides Rinne, of bass player Jari Kokkonen, keyboardist Kajasto and DJ Ken-One. Their last show was held at the Helsinki Festival at the end of August, with the rest of their scheduled gigs now cancelled. No decision of the ensemble of new RinneRadio has been made yet.

Tapani Rinne started RinneRadio in 1988 from the inspiration given by percussionist Edward Vesala. During recent years in RinneRadio's music jazz and rock have been supplemented by hip hop, techno and ambient.

RinneRadio has published five albums, the sixth being a collection released by multinational BMG as File Under: Finnish Ambient Techno Chant. On the compilation is heard also the Lappland joiku chaunteur Wimme Saari, on whose albums RinneRadio also plays. They have also released an album of their remixed gig with Mika Vainio of Ø and Panasonic, called Pfft, and last July their New York gig was remixed by DJ Spooky at Pori Jazz Festival.

STOP PRESS (December 1997):

The new ensemble of Rinneradio will have its debut at Tampere Hall, New Year Eve 1997/98. Ken-One, Kajasto and DJ Borzin have formed a new group, Koneveljet, whose records will be released on Sauna Connections.

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