J A N U A R Y / F E B R U A R Y 1999

Last time updated February 13, 1999

Thaddi Herrmann, de:bug, Berlin, Germany

01. Pole - 2 (Kiff SM)
02. Monolake - Tangent (Monolake / Imbalance)
03. Pan Sonic - Advance (Mute)
04. Arovane - Occer (City Center Offices)
05. Rob Swift - The Ablist (Asphodel)
06. Markant 17 (Markant)
07. The Persuader - Stockholm (SVEK)
08. Autechre - Peel Sessions (Warp)
09. Boards Of Canada - Peel Sessions (Warp)
10. Black Dog - Peel Sessions (Warp)

[e] electricity jkl, fi

VNV Nation "Voice" from Praise the Fallen CD
Telex "Dance to the Music" from I Don't Like Remixes CD
Oomph! "Der Neue Gott (Extended God Mix)" from Der Neue Gott CDM
Men Without Hats "Linving in China" from The Very Best of CD
Dance or Die "Relatioshit" from Dehumanizer CD
Theatre of Tragedy "Cassandra (Cheap Wine Edit)" from Prospective Compilation CD
Front 242 "Headhunter 2000 (Apoptygma Berzerk mix)" from Headhunter 2000 G.M. CDM
Komputer "Terminus (Cosmic Baby Edit)" from Terminus CDM
De/Vision "We Fly... Tonight" from Monosex CD
Tubeway Army "Me! I Disconnect from you" from Replicas CD

m. galic / stakker/ evosonic radio / germany

___ wednesdays 23pm
to tune in___> audio-subcarrier of "DSF" (Deutsches Sportfernsehen)
on astra 1B / Frequencies 7.38 MHZ + 7.56 MHZ

Charts: compiled by Mate Galic

01. Dj Speedranch & Janski Noise "ExeCrRATE: ConFIGUration 00.1"
02. Baby Ford "Normal/AFX Remix"
03. Laurent Ho "Syntetic"
04. Shitkatapult "Cosmick Suckers Compilation"
05. Low Res "Approximate Love Boat"
06. 2 Be Freak "Vanille Fraiseuse Creme Chantier"
07. Mark Stewart "Consumed/DHR Remix"
08. Ultra Red "The Electro-Accoustic Pastoral"
09. Silk Saw "Preparing Wars"
10. V/VM "doinŽit!"

DJ Pirkka (Asound, Hki, FI)

1. Jestofunk ft. Jocelyn Brown - "Special Love" (Irma)
2. Inner Life - "I'm Caught Up" (Prelude)
3. Archie Shepp - Attica Blues LP (Impulse!)
4. Black Sheep - "The Choice Is Yours" (Polygram)
5. Urban Soul - "What Do I Gotta Do" (King St)
6. Cymande - "Don't Get Too Lost" (Janus)
7. Nordelius & Ressle - Fallbacklick's (SVEK)
8. Sirkus Finlandia ja ystävät (sirkusfinlandiajaystävät001)
9. Bad Seed - "Dem Grits" (Makin)
10. Mutiny - "Bliss (MAW remix)" (MAW/Sunflower)

DJ Popvious, Generation Terrorists, Tampere, Finland

Audioweb: Audioweb (cd)
The Charlatans: Melting Pot (cd)
Crash: Take My Time (s)
Gay Dad: To Earth With Love (s)
Roy Vedas: Fragments Of Life (s)
Saint Etienne: Too Young To Die - Singles 1991-95 (cd)
Shed Seven: On Stand By (s)
Super: Love Was a Bomb (s)
Thirdimension: Until It Breaks (s)
U.N.K.L.E. featuring Ian Brown: Be There (s)

Multipara, Berlin, Germany

1. O Eunju: Unjeongisa Ttal (CD, TGR)
2. Heimelektro Ulm (LP, Heimelektro Ulm)
3. Jon & Utsunomiä: Hören (CD, Mimi)
4. Monolake: Tangent (12", Monolake)
5. Stella Michelson (12", Carnage 01)
6. La Peste: 05 (12", Hangars Liquides)
7. Melt-Banana: Charlie (CD, Meldac (?))
8. Christoph de Babalon / Paul Snowden Split EP (12", Cross Fade Enter Tainment)
9. Null: Notzucht (12", Force Inc.)
10. Thomas Brinkmann (12", Supposé)
11. Frederik Schikowski (8", Irritant)
12. Dumb Type: S/N (CD, Les disques du soleil et de l'acier)
13. Kreisel 99/3 (7", Kreisel)

plus everything by Ryoji Ikeda and the Somatic Responses

pHinn, pHinnWeb / Electric Pleasures, Tampere, Finland
Semi-Circle Solitude

S i n g l e s . & . E P s :

Aux 88: Aux Quadrent (DB4W-004, Direct Beat)
Christopher Just: I'm A Disco Dancer (And A Sweet Romancer) (XL 105 CD, Slut Trax/XL, CDS)
Mercury Rev: Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (VVR5005948, V2, CDS)
The Other Side Of Space: Techno Drivers/The Other Side Of Space (M-030, Metroplex)
Peel Seamus: Audience EP (2 dsr/psm 2, Delsin Records)
Phthalocyanine: Pre-Invalid EP (a12, a-musik)
Phthalocyanine: Zacks EP (phthalo 05, Phthalo Records, CD)
Thievery Corporation: Lebanese Blonde (BAD 8017 CD, 4AD Records, CDS)
Various Artists [Autechre / Funkstörung / Pole / Monolake]: Remixes (12 FAT 008, Fat Cat Records)
V/A: The Dark Side of the Sword Vol. 3 (PLASMEK 7, Plasmek)

L o n g . p l a y s :

Bola: Soup (SKALP 2, Skam, 2-LP)
Circle / Marble Zone 2: Circle/Marble Sheep Live (META 023CD/CTCD-072, Metamorphos, CD)
The Divine Comedy: Fin de Siècle (SSE 491544 2, Setanta Records, CD)
Ektroverde: Music From The Film Futuro - A New Stance For Tomorrow (EKTRO-005CD, Ektroverde, CD)
Hell: Munich Machine (VVR1003182/DB74, V2 Records/Disko B, CD)
Placebo: Without You I'm Nothing (CDFLOOR8, Hut/Virgin, CD)
Rook Valard: Systematic Desensitization (phthalo 08, Phthalo Records, CD)
Sensien: Some Make Quiet Machines (0005044-2 SAUNA FU CD, Function/Sauna Connections, CD)
V/A: Mission Two: Connecting Electronix Network (NAT2112, Nature Records, 2xLP)
V/A: Pilvet karkaa - suomalaisen elokuvan parhaat laulut 1962 - 1997 (LXCD 622, Siboney, 2-CD)


Blues Section: Blues Section (LRCD 3, Love Records/Siboney, '67/'94, CD)
Blues Section: Semi-Circle Solitude (LRS1014, Love Records, '68, 7")
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five: The Message (SOSLP-079, Sugarhill Records/Sound of Scandinavia, '82, LP)
Herbie Hancock: Head Hunters (CK 65123, Columbia/Legacy, '73/'97, CD)
Herbie Hancock: Sextant (CK 64983, Columbia/Legacy, '73/'98, CD)
Herbie Hancock: Thrust (CK 64984, Columbia/Legacy, '74/'98, CD)
V/A: Midnight Cowboy - Original Motion Picture Score (Music Supervision by John Barry) (UAS 5198, United Artists, '69, LP)

joonas from oulu, finland
top 9

i-f: edny (viewlexx)
novamen: try to be a novaman (murdercapital)
parallax: lift off (viewlexx)
common factory: expanded ep (planet e)
v/a: retrospective (aquarius)
deep sensation: soul heaven (guidance)
section one: falun ep (primevil)
sandbenders: rock n roll (craft)
adam beyer & marco carola: drumcode 16 (drumcode)

dj kim (miau!, t:re, fi)
top 10

1. Planet Heaven: Nautical Bodies (Barracuda)
2. Miss Jane: A Fine Day (Kontor)
3. Hole In One: Fireworks (Nutrition)
4. K90: Above The Clouds (Original mix) (Aquarius)
5. Ron Hagen & Pascal M: Dream Of The Sirens (Jinx)
6. Grooveyard feat. Michel De Hey: Everybody In The Streets (EC)
7. Mac Zimms: Funky Bizniz (Bango)
8. Olav Basoski/Marco V & Benjamin: Heavens Here (White label)
9. Dial M For Mogwai: Beatbox (Kosmo)
10. Natural Born Grooves: Nr. 10 (Urban Sound of Amsterdam)

dj erkko (niitty, jyväskylä, finland)
elektro chart

v/a: the men you'll never see ep (clone)
the parallax corporation: lift off (viewlexx)
novamen: try to be a novaman (murdercapital)
keith tucker: 2x12" (electrocord)
little computer people ep (psi49net)
v/a: the dark side of the sword 3 (plasmek)
jamie jupitor: computer power (egyptian empire '84)
two lone swordsmen: a bag of blue sparks (warp)
industrial bass machine: a taste of armageddon (joey boy)
sleeze boys: dance till you drop (boss man '89)

artificial unintelligence (hml, fi)
yes-these-records-are-old-but-I-am-not-a-goddamn-dj -list :)

1. Lunar Specimen part 1 (Alpha)
2. Kreisel 99/2
3. Oktoberfest (Auftrieb)
4. Thomas Brinkmann - Erika/Frauke (Ernst)
5. K Rock - September Eighteen (Breakin' Records)

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