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pHinn, pHinnWeb / Club Telex, SubUrbia, Tampere, Finland
Dies Irae

Singles & EPs:

Ari Jr.: So Real (LUMI 011, Lumi Records)
CiM: Service Pack (5 DSR/CIM 1, Delsin Records)
I-f: Theme From PACK (IT No. 11, Interdimensional Transmissions)
Kemialliset Ystävät / Unidentified Sound Objects: Split EP (BAD-71, Bad Vugum, 7")
Jeff Mills: Apollo EP (AX-019.5, Axis)
Miss Kittin & The Hacker: Intimités EP (GIGOLO 24, Gigolo Records)
Remote: The Swarm (UR-048, Underground Resistance)
Roberto Rodriguez: Heartbeat EP (LIFE12IN-1, Keys of Life)
Mark Taylor: Vintage Future (UR-047, Underground Resistance)
UR: Hidden In Plainsight EP - Special Edition (UR-050X2, Underground Resistance)
UR: The Swarm (UR-048, Underground Resistance)
X-Ile: Private Dancer (DB4W-046, Direct Beat)

Long plays:

Company Flow: Little Johnny From The Hospitul (P2 50101, Rawkus, CD)
Funkstörung/Various: Additional Productions (!K7R028LP, !K7 Records, 2-LP)
I-f: The Man From PACK (DB 83, Viewlexx/Disko B, 2-LP)
Kemialliset Ystävät: Miisa (FUSE 022, Fusetron, one-sided LP)
Kohinatuotanto: Voimalaitos yössä (KOHINA CD-4, CD-R)
Noise Production: Live in Villa 4.12 -98 (NPCD[LIVE]-02, CD-R)
V/A: Depth Charge - Electro Boogie Shape Generator (!K7075cd, !K7)
V/A: Fusion Vs. Confusion (EXOCD06, Exogenic, 2-CD)


Lalo Schifrin: Enter The Dragon - Original Soundtrack (OST-7599, Bruce & Brandon Lee Association, LP, '73/'98)
Vaaralliset lelut: Ystävämme hyönteiset (JHN-2064, Johanna, LP, '82)
V/A: Russ Meyer's Original Motion Pictures Soundtracks: Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!/Lorna/Vixen (CD 008/INDIGO 0978-2, Q.D.K. Media/Normal Records)
V/A: Russ Meyer's Original Motion Pictures Soundtracks: Up! MegaVixens/Beneath the Valley of the UltraVixens/SuperVixens (CD 009/INDIGO 0979-2, Q.D.K. Media/Normal Records)
V/A: Russ Meyer's Original Motion Pictures Soundtracks: Cherry, Harry & Raquel/Mondo Topless/Good Morning... And Goodbye! (CD 014/INDIGO 0984-2, Q.D.K. Media/Normal Records)

Thaddi Herrmann, de:bug, Berlin, Germany
Chart 7:99

01. Mouse On Mars - Niun Niggung (Sonic / Rough Trade)
02. Godspeed You Black Emperor - Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada (Kranky)
03. Skanfrom - Talkingtranslator (ADSR)
04. YPPASSWDD Deamons (Sozialistischer Plattenbau)
05. Herrmann & Kleine - Where Have You Been (City Centre Offices)
06. The Dylan Group - More Adventures In Lying Down (Bubblecore)
07. Hope Blister - Smile's Ok (4AD)
08. Nobukazu Takemura (Thrill Jockey)
09. Frederick Schikowski - Mein kleines pony (Lux Nigra)
10. Tindersticks - Donkeys (Island)

Mario Vogelsteller / Festplatte, Germany

CHRISTIAN MORGENSTERN: Death before Disko (Forte)
JÜRGEN PAAPE: Triumph (Kompakt)
THOMAS BRINKMANN: Karin/Lotte (Ernst)
LO SOUL: Open Door (Playhouse)
DIMBIMAN: Köppchen (Perlon)
JOACHIM SPIETH: Abi '99 (Kompakt)
ISOLEE: Beau mot plage (Playhouse)
MICHAEL MAYER: 17&4 (Kompakt)
LB: Pop Articifielle (Form & Function)
PAUL BRTSCHTSCH: Straight (Frisbee)

Lance McGannon, Inaudible, Westlake, Ohio, USA

. Vladislav Delay: Huone 12" (Chain Reaction)
. Lighter Thief: Ahead 12" (Ifach)
. Rehberg & Bauer: Ballt cd (Touch)
. Bluetrain: No Lightweight Stuff cd (Bluetrain)
. Arovane: AMX 12" (Din)
. Kotai & Mo: s/t cd (Elektro Music Department)
. Senking: 20' to 2000 #6 cd (Rastermusik)
. Evol: Principio 3"cd (Mego)
. Institut Fuer Feinmotorik comp cd (IFF)
. Fizzarum: phut of plex 7" (City Centre Offices)
. Birds: s/t cd (PAL)
. Panta Rhei: Snacks cd (Sofa)
. Senking: Ping 12" (Karaoke Kalk)
. SND: Makesnd cassette cd (Mille Plateaux)
. Shuttle358: Optimal cd (12k)
. Nobukazu Takemura: Scope cd (Thrill Jockey)
. Isan: parochi/a gentile man 7" (Static Caravan)
. Thomas Fehlmann: Blow-up Chimp 12" (R&S/Apollo)
. Remote Viewer: s/t (555 Recordings)
. Kid 606: Dubplatestyle 12" (Vinyl Communications)

Pasmando, Turku, Finland
5 turn ons:

various - new latinaires lp (ubiquity)
joakim lone octet - reve #1 chateauflight pilot crazy drum remix (futuretalk)
theo parrish - overyohead (sound signature)
hardrive "2000" - never forget (when you touch me) (strictly rhythm)
carl craig - blakula (talkin loud box)

saoulaterre, paris, france
no special order:

blut 4 (vendetta vol2, for the noise/break/trash core side)
otaku (kiss kiss bang bang, the whole record is magic)
hangars liquides 9 (la peste track as suicide melodramatic soundtrack)
sativae 14 (jamie lidell "safety in numbers" for the sonelysome(o)ney track)
sns 11 (ok it's old but i got it this week and cant stop playing it)
praxis 21 (slaughter politics, the nomex+cf track and the rest of course)
homewrecker foundation 01 (i eat the whole record every morning)
cycloscotch 03 (very good dancefloor break thing)
cavage 03 (the somatic track is burning)
notek 10 (side A)

circonium, berlin, germany

01. vladislav delay - the kind of blue EP (huume 010)
02. 69 - four jazz funk classics (planet e 69-1)
03. 69 - sound on sound (planet e 69170)
04. 69 - lite music (planet e 69339)
05. aqua regia - the age of aqueous (irdial 11 aqr 4)
06. monster music (irdial 50 com 2)
07. in sync - inS/2 part 1/3 (irdial 43 ins 2)
08. ryoji ikeda - time/space (staalplaat)
09. ryoji ikeda - 1000 fragments (cci)
10. ryoji ikeda - mort aux vaches (staalplaat)
11. spuk im hochhaus

tango mike (biophilia/eevolute/berlin/karlsruhe/eindhoven)

01. no movement no sound no memories removed (lux nigra vinyl 03)
02. arovane: amx (din arovane 03)
03. fizzarum: phut of plex (city centre offices 002)
04. rhythm & sound: carrier (rhythm&sound 05)
05. makesnd: cassette (mille plateaux 69)
06. alexander robotnick: hola macci kola (riot city promo)
07. senking: 20' to 2000 june (rastermusic/noton)
08. stillupsteypa: has (or has not) happened (meme 005 cd)
09. maus und stolle: drei (klang elektronik 30)
10. like a tim: live in rotterdam (djak-up-bitch 09)
11. mat101: goodbye mum! (balance 02)
12. m:i:5: mikrophon (profan 023)

Sean Cooper, Urban Sounds, USA

1. Senking, 20' to 2000 (Noton)
2. Fuckarma, 2 (Djak-Up-Bitch)
3. Cathars, Amorpheus (Miau Miau International)
4. Lassigue Bendthaus, Pop Artificielle (Kk)
5. Shuttle358, Optimal.lp (12k)
6. Various Artists, Ischemic Folks (Schematic)
7. Ectomorph, Destroying Your Power Centers (Interdimensional Transmissions)
8. While, Seek (Musik Aus Strom)
9. Maryanne Amacher, Sound Characters (Tzadik)
10. Nobukazu Takemura, Scope (Thrill Jockey)

Paul Healy, Somatic Responses, UK

1. Zhark 7001
2. Homewrecker Foundation 1
3. Praxis 21
4. Praxis 32
5. Prone 1
6. Mego 15
7. Hex 1
8. SixShooter 7
9. Grey Organization 1
10. DJ Pure CDr

jason amm, suction records, robot music from canada

1. "glued smile" - lowfish (city centre offices)
2. "do the mussolini" - cabaret voltaire (rough trade)
3. "arcade" - mat-101 (balance)
4. "lataus" - pan sonic (mute)
5. "spoil the child" - fad gadget (mute)
6. "torch (ext.)" - soft cell (some bizzare)
7. "too pieces" - yaz (mute)
8. [AB4 - track4] - afx (rephlex)
9. "playmobil invisible" - electronome (clone)
10. "yoh" - d'arcangelo (rephlex)

DJ Mekaanikko (Tsiklon Audio, Helsinki, Finland)
soundz for the summer

Menelik: Touché [Remix Club] (Sony)
Insect Jazz: Insect Shuffle [Pascal F.E.O.S. Remix] (PV)
The Rootsman: Murder on the Orient Express (Third Eye)
Talvin Singh: Vikram the Vampire (Island)
Kitaro: Pilgrimage II (Polydor)
DJ Shadow: Influx (Mo'Wax)
Cassius: Feeling for You [Les Rythmes Digitales Remix] (Virgin)
Circadian Rhythms: Time (Language)
Talvin Singh: Traveller [Dollis Hill Futbol Mix] (Island)
T.P.O.: Hiroshi's Dub [Afro Joe] (Disorient)


1. Yves DeRuyter - "Feel Free" (Bonzai)
2. Gouryella - "Gouryella" (Codeblue)
3. Nylon - "New Forest" (PureGroove)
4. Martin Eyerer - "Heaven" (UnSubMissive)
5. Tilt - "Invisible" (HoojChoons)
6. Blank & Jones - "Cream (Paul van Dyk remix)" (Kontor)
7. Ayla - "Ayla (Original DJ Taucher mix)" (Additive)
8. Hybrid - "Finished Symphony" (Distinctive)
9. Push - "Universal Nation" (Bonzai)


10. DJ Orkidea Unity Mix Tape vol. 7

dj wille (attic/diva, tampere, finland)

J.A.W.S: polar pimp (kempele) (push & pull)
LIFESTYLE PEOPLE: no music (lumi)
EASTWESTCONNECTION: the more i get (lp) (chilli funk)
DJ SAM: h-street 11 pm (cd-r)
STUDIO NOVA: the music's all i know (fiat lux)
SIMON SAMPLAR: herb e n' coke (pamplemousse)
MARKUS ENOCHSON: don't walk away (svek)
VARIOUS: house proud (lp) (distance)
SOUL GRABBER: hey bruce (nrk)
M.A.S COLLECTIVE FEAT. SU SU BOBIEN: joy (slip'n'slide)

Pirkka (Wahoo!, Helsinki, Finland)

1. The Coup - Piss On Your Grave (Dogday)
2. Calypso King & The Soul Investigators - C'mon Boot It! (Jive)
3. Tom & Joyce - Vai Minha Tristeza (Yellow)
4. Freestyle Man ft. George Spruce - Solid Support EP (Keys of Life)
5. Gary Bartz - Celestial Blues (Milestone)
6. Charizma - Methods (Stones Throw)
7. Ian O'Brien LP (Peacefrog)
8. Moloko - Sing It Back [Herbert remix] (Echo)
9. A Tribe Called Quest - Like It Like That (Jive)
10. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Pharoahe Monch - WWWIII (Rawkus)

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