F E B R U A R Y / M A R C H 1999

Last time updated March 26, 1999

DJ Pirkka, Asound, Helsinki, Finland

1. Emanon - Iambland (RocketShip)
2. Blaze - Brothers & Sisters (Smack)
3. Aleem - Release Yourself (NIA)
4. Susan Clark - Deeper (FFRR)
5. Tom Waits - Rain Dogs LP
6. Loleatta Holloway - Strong Enough (Active)
7. Pal Joey - Party Time (Looped)
8. Daniel Wang - Mechanical Birds (Environ)
9. Kim English - Nite Life (Nervous)
10. AV8 - You Don't Know Me + Flowerz

The Chillage Idiots, Dublin, Ireland

Our show is broadcast in real video @
every Sunday 20.00-22.00 GMT.


Check out the playlist for our 150th show or watch us play out in Big Brother records in Dublin's Fade Street:


the black dog: euthanasia (warp)
il.ek.tro: tune in (to the system) (klang elektronik)
sun electric: tortuga (r&s/apollo)
android architect: science fact (tenth planet)
richard coleman devine: schematic 005 track 2 (schematic)
gigantochelonia: zoola trique (source records/germany)
slag boom van loon: broccoli (planet µ)
jonny l: intasound (xl)
push button objects: striffle (schematic)
sad rockets: girl from nubloch (source records/germany)
vibert & simmonds: tinned teardrop (rephlex)
fila brazilla: last of the red hot brethren (pork)
wishmountain: bottle (antiphon)
wagon christ: crazy disco party (virgin)
i cube: mighty atom sub aqua (versitile)
carl craig: televised green smoke (planet e)
foul play: nightmoves (moving shadow)
harold budd: serge poliakoff (all saints)
aphex twin: selected ambient works 2, cd2, track8 (warp)
the timewriter: sensual pieces (plastic city)
ultramarine: what machines want (new electronica)

Scott Lazaruk, Toronto, Canada

Daniel Lui: Calculated Misconceptions (Chair)
Mark Jellybear and Miguel Migs: Very Chic EP (Aquarius)
Nick Holder: High Society EP (DNH)
Common Factor: Get Down (Planet E)
Alton Miller: 100% EP (Planet E)
Pete Moss: Infrared EP (Earthtones)
Len Lewis: Dancing With Alcohol (Swag)
Masters at Work: Bliss (MAW Records)
Abacus: When I Fall In Love (Guidance)
C & M Productions: Lesson One (Juicy Music NY)

pHinn, pHinnWeb / Club Telex, Tampere, Finland
Mystical Machine Gun

S i n g l e s . & . E P s :

Bolz Bolz: Musik (World Electric 001)
Bolz Bolz: Envelope Power (World Electric 002)
D'Arcangelo/Solvent: Diagram 9/Feeling No. 4 (SUCTION 005, Suction, 7")
Huren's Kaltbrüchig Acideath (Zhark 00007)
I-f: Playstation #2 (DB79, Disko B)
Lexaunculpt: Oh Here's Some Noises (ISO 10, Isophlux)
Motown Nucleus: Madonnas Puke (E.G. 003, ElektroGrill)
Novamen: Try To Be A Novaman (M-003, Murdercapital)
Telex: Moskow Diskow - Carl Craig & Jay Denham Remixes (SSR 200, SSR/Crammed)
V/A: The Men You'll Never See E.P. (Cat. C2/Clone #10, Clone)

L o n g . p l a y s :

Jimi Tenor: Organism (WARPCD60, Warp, CD)
Lowfish: Fear Not The Snow And Other Lo-Fiing Objects (SUCTION 004, Suction, CD)
Pan sonic: A (BFF149, Blast First, 2-LP)
Pole: LP 1 (KIFF 012 DLP, KIFF/PIAS, 2-LP)
Pole: 2 (KIFF 014, KIFF/PIAS, 2-LP)
Solvent: Solvent (SUCTION 003, Suction, CD)
V/A: I'm So Bored With The U.S.E. (DISKONO 02, Diskono)


Classix Nouveaux: Guilty (7"; also on album 'Night People', 1C 064-83 143, Liberty/EMI Electrola, '81)
Kula Shaker: Mystical Machine Gun (COL 666640 2, Columbia, CDS, '99)
Mantronix: The Album (TLX-6, Sleeping Bag Records, '85)
Red Planet: Red Planet V - The Long Winter of Mars (RP-5, Red Planet, 2x12")
Ananda Shankar: Ananda Shankar (9362472631, Reprise/WEA, '70/'98)
Stereo Total: Holiday Inn (BUNG 044, Bungalow, 2x7", '98)
Mika Vainio: Titanikin juhlakantaatti (Titanik CD01, '98)
V/A: Pebbles Volume Three - The Acid Gallery (BFD-5020, BFD Records, '79)
Zager & Evans: In The Year 2525 (7", '69)

DJ Royal, Royaltech, Adelaide, Australia

Mark Taylor: Vintage Future - Mark Taylor (Underground Resistance)
Inner City: Good Life - Carl Craig mix (Pias)
Aaron Carl: Down (Metroplex)
Paperclip People: My Peepz (Planet E)
Floorplan: Envy (Drama)
Telex: Moskow Diskow - Carl Craig remix (SSR)
DHC: Dirty Dubs Vol. II (Dirty House)
Jay Denham: Carjacker (Black Nation)
Envoy: Rundown - (Soma)
Memory Foundation: Heated Heads (Central)

Pull Records, Edinburgh, Scotland

Play-List 03/99

Various Various Electro cut (Scsi Records)
Kasbah Dream of Life (Pull Records)
Subhead Track 4 (Sativae)
Konk West RDV 19/09 (Unreleased)
I-f Playstation #2 (Disko B)
Various Tobias Schmidt (Penalty 02)
Think Tank Ill (Pull Records)
Unit Moebius EP (Disko B)
Anthony Rother Little Computer People (PSI-49 Net Rec)
UR UR by Night (S.N) (UR)

hot hit list by
joonas (oulu, finland)

1. airlocktronics "imperative" (airlock)
2. steady motion "chapter 1" (hybrid)
3. laidback luke "music┤s always on my mind" (touché)
4. laidback luke "the 156 ep" (groove alert)
5. tim harper "rr719" (relief)
6. moodymann "long hot sexy nights" (outland)
7. robert hood "master builder" (tresor)

Thaddi Herrmann, de:bug, Berlin, Germany
Chart 3:99

01. Arovane - Occer (City Centre Offices 001)
02. Rhythm & Sound w/ Savage - Smile (Rhythm & Sound 04)
03. Lowfish - Fear Not The Snow...(Suction 04)
04. D'Arcangelo/Solvent - Split 7" (Suction 05)
05. V/A - RFT (DIN)
06. Funkstörung - Additional Productions (Musik aus Strom)
07. Ampoule 02
08. Theorem - Fallout (th 04)
09. Solar X - Little Pretty Automatic (Worm Interface 017)
10. Jake Mandell - Parallel Processes (Worm Interface 016)

DJ Kim, Miau!, Tampere, Finland
10.3.1999 Top 10

1. The House Negro: Rock the Disco (Vinylly)
2. Classified Project: Electrostatic Discharge (District)
3. Planet Heaven: Nautical Bodies (Barracuda)
4. Pancake: Don't Turn Your Back (Work)
5. Cygnus X: Orange Theme '99 (Free For All)
6. Atlantis: Fiji (Subterrania)
7. Mother's Pride: Learning To Fly (Mistral Remix) (Heat)
8. Communi-Gate: Incoming Chat Request (District)
9. Mac Zimms: Sunburst (Dmd)
10. Disposable Disco Dubs: EP (Untidy Trax)

tommi h / basement trax, helsinki, finland

Terrence Parker / Strong Songs LP / Chisel
Deep Sensations / All in My Head / White
Maw pres. / a Tribute to Fela / MAW
Nu Spirit Helsinki / Kasio Funk / Guidance
Frankie Valentine / Merangada / Dynamite Joint
a New Sector Movements / Why Tell Me ? / People
Faze Action / Kariba / Nuphonic

DJ Infekto, Skillsters / Pyssy Recordings / Beatformers, Tampere, Finland

1. Shy FX: Bambaataa Mixes (Ebony)
2. Various: United Underworld I & II (Joker)
3. ESG: Come Away LP (99 Records)
4. M.F. Doom: The M.I.C. (Fondle Em)
5. Freq Nasty: Hypeverse (Kickin)
6. Nick Holder: Singing Da Blues (DNH)
7. Various: Techno Classics (Muzik)
8. Various: Explicit Beats (TCR)
9. Floris: He's Back Again (After Midnight)
10. Congo Natty: Jump & Sound (Zion)

DJ Wille, various parties, Villa1898/Tampere, Club Beng Beng/Turku, Finland

1. Romanthony: Hold On (Roule)
2. The Persuader: Stockholm -LP- (Svek)
3. Femi Kuti: Beng Beng (Barclay)
4. Armand van Helden feat. Roland Clark: Flowerz (White label)
5. Rae & Christian: Premonition (Grand Central)
6. Paul Jacobs: Soul Grabber 4 (White label)
7. Basement Jaxx: Rendez-vu (XL)
8. Le Knight Club: Coral Twist (Crydamoure)
9. Common Factor: Get Down (Planet E)
10. A Reminiscent Drive: Two Sides To Every Story "Elegia rmx" (F-Communications)

[e], electricity, jkl, fi
March Top 10

Front 242, "Headhunter 2000 (Talla 2XLC Club Mix)", from Headhunter 2000 Golden Master
Muslimgauze, "Murmur You Support The Arabs", from Observe With Sabiq Bey
Flock of Seagulls, "I Ran" from The Best of
S.P.O.C.K., "Dark Side of the Force" from S.P.O.C.K: 1999
Noxious Emotions, "Indefinite & Unspecified" from Symbols
Limbo, "Nutri il mio ego/Der Mussolini" from Continuum: The Fire Front
Melotron, "Dein Meister" from Best of Electronic Music
Funker Vogt, "Tragic Hero" from Best of Electronic Music
S.P.O.C.K, "Star Pilots on Channel K" from S.P.O.C.K: 1999
Wired, "Transonic" from Transonic

DJ Mekaanikko (Audionet / Tuff Jointz, Helsinki, Finland)

my ten contemporary favourites in arbitrary order

Language Lab: Burning Disaster [Shut Up & Dance Mix] (Kahuna Cuts)
I-f: The Quest (Disko B)
Turner: Porze (Ladomat)
Gak Sato: Post-echo (Temposphere)
Tom & Joyce: Vai Minha Tristeza [Bob's le dub] (Yellow)
Ozomatli: Cumbia de los Muertos (Almo)
Oxmo Puccino avec Akenathon, Freeman, Le Rat Luciano & Pit Baccardi: 24 heures à vivre (Delabel)
Dominique Dalcan: Vagabundo (Island)
Armand van Helden: Mother Earth (AV8)
Peanut Butter Wolf: Styles, Crews, Flows, Beats (Copasetik)

and my five retro-selections in arbitrary order, too

Unknown & Three D: Beatronic [Ghetto Blaster Mix] (Techno Hop)
Shannon: Let the Music Play (Mirage)
Kraftwerk: Ohm Sweet Ohm (Capitol)
Carlos Penha: Cobranša (Super Classe)
Berto Pisano: Kill Them All [Unreleased Extended Instrumental Version] (Easy Tempo)

stakker/ evosonic radio/ cologne/ germany

___ wednesdays 23pm

to tune in___> audio-subcarrier of "DSF" (Deutsches
on astra 1B / Frequencies 7.38 MHZ + 7.56 MHZ

Charts: compiled by Mate Galic

01. v/vm "pig/machine"
02. crank "wanton phenomena"
03. daniel menche "scourge"
04. pure "the end of vinyl"
05. blitter/hekla "reckankreuzungklankewerkzeuge"
06. al-jabr "disinformation remixed ash 4.3"
07. pierre-andre arcand "eres +16"
08. pan sonic "rude mechanic"
09. speedranch & janski noise "mix cd"
10. somatic responses "six shooter oo7"

Nick Gadget (Armalyte Rec / Stockholm / Sweden)
TOP 15 of my playlist

1. February / COUNTDOWN 2000
2. Solid Systems / NOVA ZEMBLA
4. Hypertension 99 / PRIMATE
6. CODE RED 09
9. Lino 21 / DOWNWARDS
10. Downunder EP / PRIMATE
11. Girth Remix / LOGISTIC
12. Steady Motion / HYBRID

david siska, 89.3 wnur fm, chicago, il., usa

1. steve tang - dark overtones (emphasis 002)
2. theorem - fallout (th)
3. pub - lunch (ampoule)
4. monolake - tangent (ml)
5. regis - divine ritual (downwards)
6. surgeon - east light (dynamic tension)
7. stewart s walker - jet fuel and longing (belief systems)
8. dettinger - blond (kompakt)
9. rhythm & sound w/ savage - smile (rhythm & sound)
10. oliver ho - prima materia (meta)

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