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pHinn, pHinnWeb / Club Telex, Tampere, Finland
Armand Van Whoreden

is my dick big enough / is my brain small enough / to make me a star?
- jello biafra/dead kennedys
Singles & EPs:

Aphex Twin: Windowlicker (WAP105CD, Warp, CDS)
The Aztec Mystic: Knights of the Jaguar (UR-049, Underground Resistance)
Boards Of Canada: Peel Session (WAP114, Warp)
Bruce Gilbert - Ron West: Frequency Variation (SÄHKÖ-017, Sähkö Recordings)
Jimi Tenor: Year of the Apocalypse - Maurice Fulton Club Mix (WAP116, Warp)
Mr. Velcro Fastener: pres. The Tie Entertainers (i220015, i220)
Nu Spirit Helsinki feat. Kasio: Take It Back (GDR056, Guidance Recordings)
Pan sonic: B (BFFP161, Blast First!)
The Parallax Corporation: Lift Off (V12/5, Viewlexx)
Pole: Raum Eins/Raum Zwei (DIN)
UR: M.I.A. (UR-018, Underground Resistance)

Long plays:

Deutsch Nepal: Erosion (STCD 117, Staalplaat, CD)
ElectroniCAT: ElectroniCAT (NM 072030 / AD073, Oblique Soundscapes Vol. 15 / Noise MuseuM, CD)
Eläkeläiset: Werbung, Baby! (Humppa 010/Stupido 042, Humppa Records/Stupido Twins, CD)
Robert Merlak: Icepick Tracks (PHTHALO 08, Phthalocyanine, CD-R)
Model 500: Mind And Body (RS 99145, R&S, 2X12")
Kimmo Pohjonen: Kielo (ZENCD 2060, Rockadillo)
V/A: Soundbombing Sampler (Rawkus, CD)
V/A: The West Coast Electro Sound Of Holland - The Hague Rocks The Planet #1 (BUNKER 3000, Bunker, 2x12")
V/A: The West Coast Electro Sound Of Holland - The Hague Rocks The Planet #2 (BUNKER 3001, Bunker, 2x12")
V/A: Wu-Chronicles (WT 004 LP, Wu-Tang Records/PIAS, 2x12")


UR: Dark Energy (UR-029, Underground Resistance, 2x12", '94)

Thaddi Herrmann, de:bug, Berlin, Germany
Chart 5:99

01. Arovane - AMX (Din)
02. Fizzarum - Phut Of Plex (City Centre Offices)
03. To Rococo Rot - The Amateur View (City Slang)
04. Lexaunculpt - Double Density E.P. (Orange)
05. Anthony Childs (FatCat)
06. Transient Waves - Sonic Narcotic (FatCat)
07. Fluxion - Largo (Chain Reaction)
08. V/A - Emmanated (Emmanate)
09. Gimmik (Worm Interface - Toytronic)
10. Himuro & Kioch - Latest Gorgeous Energy E.P. (Worm Interface)

multipara, berlin, germany
charts may 1999

1. kid606: don't sweat the technics (c.c.o. mix)
[from: split 10" with lexaunculpt, to appear on city centre offices]

2. curd duca: touch
[on: modulation & transformation 4 3cd, mille plateaux 61, from: elevator 2, mille plateaux]

3. artificial duck flavour: infarkt mix
[from: no movement no sound memories removed 12", lux nigra vinyl 03]

4. artificial duck flavour: catch the owl mix
[from: pocket monster remixes 12", to appear on lux nigra vinyl]

5. arovane: no. 8 amx
[from: arovane amx 12", din arovane 3]

6. runzelstirn & gurgelstock + masonna: arschloch onna
[cd, japan overseas nr.??]

7. silicon teens: red river rock
[from: music for parties lp, mute stumm 2]

8. inox kapell: das gras ist immer gruener auf der anderen seite
[from: we don't care about the haircut! a tribute to nik k. lp, dhyana 017]

9. institut fuer feinmotorik: b2
[from: negemergenz lp, fusetron 23]

10. rude boy: are you down {with the underground?)
[from: jackboots and birds 12", koolpop12.002]

11. ryoji ikeda: interference 003
[on: modulation & transformation 4 3cd, mille plateaux 61]

12. steel: idol talk
[on: modulation & transformation 4 3cd, mille plateaux 61]

13. gimmik: sister moon
[from: ?!load-error e.p., toytronik 001]

plus (last not least): frederik schikowski: demo tapes

hot hit list by joonas, oulu, finland

aphex twin: "window licker" (WARP)
v/a: "the men youŽll never see e.p." (CLONE)
the persuader: "stockholm" (SVEK)
latyrx: "the album" (SOLESIDES)
peanut butter wolf: "my vinyl weighs a ton" (COPASETIK)
booker t & the mg`s: "melting pot" (ACE)

DJ PIRKKA (Asound, Helsinki, Finland)

Eddie Kendricks: Girl You Need A Change Of Mind (Tamla)
Jephté Guillaume: Ginen Tét Rèd (Spiritual Life)
Raw Silk: Do It To The Music (West End)
Sajeda: Fantasy (Shelter)
Sugarman Three: Pickin Cherries (Desco)
Midsummer Night: Brunch (SVEK)
The Royal Family: Pressure (Spånka)
Edwin Starr: Easin' In (Motown)
Common: 1999 (Rawkus)
The Coup: Steal This Album (Dogday)

DJ Royal, Royaltech, Adelaide, Australia

move - fumiya tanaka (torema)
meccano - voiteck (truck)
good life: carl craig mix - inner city (pias)
the motor - the advent (kombination research)
celestial highways - m5 (metroplex)
a universal moment - pacou (tresor)
skin deep - jeff mills (advent)
heated heads - hi-lo (central)
so much - paul johnson (dust traxx)
i shall tek thee - erotek (metroplex)

DJ Kim, Miau!, Tampere, Finland

1. Suburban State: It's Yours (Star Traxx)
2. Gig-One: Shut Up (Armind)
3. Mac Zimms: Back by Club Demand (2 Play)
4. DJ Rene & Sahar: From Seven Till Haoman 17 (Digi White)
5. Atlantis: Out Of The Blue (UG)
6. Mudmen: Thriller (Extatique)
7. Jew'n Gum: Platinum (Deal)
8. DJ Disco: Let's Dance (Mo' Bizz)
9. Der Dritte Raum: Trommelmaschine (Virgin)
10. Untidy Dubs Vol. 4: Untidy Dubs R.I.P (Untidy Trax)

Tommi (Basement Trax, Helsinki, Finland)

Frankie Valentine - The Fox Congo Strutt (Exlexis)
Back 2 Earth - Motor Launch For Hire (Laws of Motion)
DJ Hiro - Koté Moun Yo (Nite Grooves)
Aqua Bassino - Milano Bossa (F Communication)
Nu Spirit Helsinki - Take It Back (Guidance)
Blofeld - Nexus (Nuphonic)

DJ Wille - Cafe Europa: Attic (Tre, Fi), Villa 1898 (Tre, Fi) + various parties

Joe Claussell: Mix the vibe (lp) (nitegrooves)
Sunday Brunch: Midsummer (svek)
Martin Venetjoki: Go'natt sandviken (album sampler) (gungeligung)
Martin Venetjoki: Jump&shout (jori hulkkonen mix) (gungeligung)
Dj Linus: Soul penetration (compose)
Buffalo Bunch: Take it to the streets (crydamoure)
Glen Scott: Heaven (giant step)
Frankie Feliciano: The real thing (nitegrooves)
Boc productions: fall in love (alan braxe remix) (chez)
Blofeld: nexus (nuphonic)

DJ Xavier (Tampere, Finland)
- Unmixed, undisputed and unavailable Vol 1. tape:

Alphaville - Big In Japan
ABC - Poison Arrow
Devo - Girl You Want (Live)
Atari Teenage Riot - Sick To Death
Urban Takeover - Bad Ass
Candy Girls - Fi Fa Fo Fum
Kraftwerk - Tour De France
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Electronic - Get The Message
Bad Religion - Sanity
Aux 88 - I Need To Freak
Drexciya - Aquatic Batawaves
Jeff Mills - PM003 Track 1
Jeff Mills - OurManInHavana Track 1
Anita Ward - Ring My Bell
Parliament - (Not Just) Knee Deep part 1

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