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Fun-Tourist (a.k.a. Fu-Tourist) is Jori Sjöroos, from Turku, with his wicked blend of drum'n'bass à la Rephlex, Squarepusher & Ovuca! Fun-Tourist has already played stunning live sets e.g. at Turku's Koneisto festival, August 2000. Jori Sjöroos has now a recording contract with Sony.

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PLASTIC PASSION (Turku, Finland)

Single001 (7")
PVC 009
August 1999
A. Starcity Roller
B. Panorama

NOTE: "Weird but totally danceable electro pop with futu, disco, house etc. influences. 'Just like Air making soundtrack for a Tarantino film; Les Rythmes Digitales on LoveBoat; Jimi Tenor of the 21st century' (Samuli Knuuti, Rumba magazine). Packed in aluminium folio sleeve." -

s/t (CD-R)
Muovi 111 / PVC-iii-011
June 2000
1. Face Off/Take One
2. Slinky Red Thing
3. Yeah Tell Them
4. Fungi People

NOTE: "19 minutes. The legendary Fu-Tourist goes fun. A hectic meeting of freak-out electro and energetic drum&bass. 3 (4?) tracks. Limited to 111 copies!" -

Single002 (CDR-EP)
December 2000
A1. King Kong of the Dancefloor
A2. U Could Be Mine
A3. Scum

NOTE: a Muovi 111 CDR release.
Limited edition of 111 copies.
Cool music by Jori Sjöroos.

Other Releases:

Demo CD-R
1. Face On/Take One
2. Slinky Red Thing
3. Yeah Tell Them
4. Fungi People
5. DDD
6. Who Needs Alice Anyway?

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