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ratto-club esittää/ratto-club presents:
thu 5.4.2001 TAVASTIA,Helsinki 21-02
PEACHES (can/ger,kitty-yo)
JEANS TEAM (ger, kitty-yo)
OP:L BASTARDS (fin, C.G.A.,form&function)
dj Rocco + dj Gladiator

+Ratto visuals, in da house!!

....welcome friends!!!
let's party!



Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 12:17:22 +0200 
From: timo kaukolampi  
Subject: radiohelsinki....13.3.2001
today 22:00 (21:00 cet?) we turn into a the "GRL-POWER HQ"
DJ ANNIE and DJ KAUKOLAMPI will spinn some of the most amazing
tracks pressed on that black wax! REVOLUTION!!
we will call CHICKS ON SPEED....
its gonna be fun, fun, fun!!! or 95.2mhz!
stay tuned....


another amazing week in broadcasting business!!!
we are in the net: and also on the air 95.2mhz...
i am doing my part 6.3.2001 20:00 (19:00 CET)
with me on the studio Ande from amazing helsinki band G-LITTER.
we will spinn wax like no tomorrow...
its gonna be: weird, progressive, old/new, with and whitout synths...
like wow!!!
stay tuned-> REVOLUTION!!!!
yours, timo kaukolampi


this week will be great in, my dear friends...
i allmost don't belive it myself! oooh!

monday 19.2.2001 time 16.00 (15.00cet) we will broadcast:
these amazing electro/disco artists will give you the sound of BUNKER
records, holland!
they put their machines up in the studio for one purpose only: make that
booty shake
in office buildings etc.... globally!
i will spinn some wax on the side, too.

sunday 25.2.2001 time 14.00 (13.00cet)  we have the amazing:
ANNIE (tellé/norway, loaded/u.k.) on the studio with us!!!!
she will play some of the funky-bergen-sound for us! it will be fab!

as allways: radiohelsinki delivers...... stay tuned!!

yours, timo kaukolampi


Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 09:21:50 +0200
From: timo kaukolampi 
To: Timo Kaukolampi 
Subject: radio helsinki... rules ok.

hello friends,
22.1.2001 is another great day in internet broadcasting history!
t.a.kaukolampi will play some disco music to you!
it will be great... makes a monday.
16.00 finland time... 15.00 cet.
daniel wang... legowelt... moroder... annie... etc. ..... oh yeah!!!!!!
tune in.... enjoy this 2 hour session with me + good musik.
with all the best, timo

Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 03:46:03 +0200
From: timo kaukolampi 
Subject: radio helsinki!!!

no time to talk... thre is just the musik that matters.
11.1.2001!!! t.a.kaukolampi on radio helsinki. 14.00 finnish time...13.00
science.... adult. interwiev!!!
lets go....
stay tuff....

Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2001 00:47:51 +0200
From: timo kaukolampi 
Subject: 4.1.2001 radiohelsinki...

again the cosmic ballet is spinning this ball of ours in the silence of
eternal space.
2001 the sci-fi year is here! i salute thee!
4.1.2001 14.00(finland time) 13.00(cet) yours truly: T.A.Kaukolampi
is going on air in:
the theme of this 2 hour session is : love!
it is the first part of trilogy!
the two other parts are: "science" and "oblivion"!
hope you tune in! it will be interesting.

with all the best, timo

hello friends,
today 21.12.2000 time 12.00 (11.00 cet) t.a.kaukolampi will play some
weird sounds to you...
PINK TWINS from helsinki play live...
this is all that i can tell you... tune in and let the sound get in your
mind... really!
see you all there,

yours, timo

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 05:38:00 +0200
From: timo kaukolampi 
Subject: kaukolampi in RADIOHELSINKI wednesday!

dear friends! it is time to open the can of funny-musikal-beans with yours

wed 13.12. at WWW.RADIOHELSINKI.NET time: 12.00 (in finland) 11.00 (cet)

lots of cool sounds from the phuture and near past!

finlands finest: AAVIKKO  new tunes + interview with the YAMAHA boys of

+also the normal highguality records! directly from my private vinyl
I will give you 100% that it will be the finest! only the best year
château de cinq corner!

tune in for the groove! sound of helsinki! RADIO HELSINKI!

yours, timo

From: timo kaukolampi 

Dear Friends,
Today I will cook you a stew of nice tunes!!
Lot's of stuff from sweden!!! ny acustik, first floor power, bergman rock,
chihuahua etc...
also some tekno sound: agnieszka.the.polish.queen (mini interview,too!!!)
pluxus, puppetmasters, stilleben...
just to mention few... it will be cool!!!
also  sounds of other countries...
14.00 finland time (thats 12.00 CET,maybe)
13.00 The Swedish time!!!!!!!!!
thats the sound of helsinki.

yours, timo

Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 23:05:42 +0200
From: timo kaukolampi < >
Subject: news from the lefta!!!! vol. 1

This is the first news letter from the lefta centrum!
Lefta centrum is my home... from there I/we do some things....

- I (T.A.Kaukolampi) and my mate (Vilunki 3000) are now journalists for
Radio Helsinki... we started to do musik programs few weeks ago... thats
you find it here:

19.10. 2000 (around 1pm. CET)  we will do new programs that are rotated
week or so...
My 1 hour show will contain: musik... and little talking... more musik....
interview of
PEACHES... +some musik.
Vilunki said that he will talk more on his hour... play some weird finnish
slager... Erkki Liikanen. Jazz + Funny!!!!

5.11.2000 I will have DANIEL WANG in the studio with me... free talk +
stay tuned!! RADIO HELSINKI!!!!!!

- AND THE LEFTHANDED new 7" is out on Lefta records.
that record was made in collabaration with the members of swedish bob
John Essing
and Conny Nimmersjö... they put great effort to the studio session that
happened in Solna 1999.
Anders Ericson was on the buttons! on the flipside we find one live track
recorded at gebaude 9, köln, germany!!!
That 7" is a joint relase with
Get your copy now!!!
And The Lefthanded play live 20.10. in Pori 21.10. in Tampere!

- Daniel Wang (balihu, environ records NY/USA) is coming to Skandinavia!
He is the master of modern synth disko/house... totally great stuff!!
Stockholm thu 2.11. Rangus tangus
With dj Mika Snickars
free entry
Helsinki sat 4.11. Semifinal
With dj's Anonymous + Pirkka
40 Fmk
Daniel will dj + play "mini live with theremin"
come early to witness...
these events are made together with: Lifesaver records, Snickars records,
Rangus Tangus musik productions.

Ok... This is all for now!
Op:l Bastards news + facts you find:

In the house of lefta the musik is all that counts!

With all the best,

Team Lefta

And The Lefthanded | Op:l Bastards