[ flyer ] [ poster ] the most innovative club of this and the next millennium and the one after that is coming... for the first time ever in finland and in the whole universe... electronic main arena with the ultra live acts, mind-blowing avantgarde films and hyper djs... trance-a-delic strobe lights with hotter-than-hell smoke machine... 1.000.000 % better sounds than on your home stereo... amazing chill-out bar with colder-than-Siberia ambient beer and cosmic chili nuts... uplifting bouncers... thrills... sex... horror... sheer amazement... see for yourself! [press] [ ... and how it actually was]


Op:l Bastards
* the analogue cult electro monsters from Helsinki!

with the special guest -

Nu Science
* the sample-free lo-fi orchestra you will hear a lot about!

Short films:

* a film festival hit by Mika Taanila! And more...

y o - t a l o
t a m p e r e

w e d
m a r c h

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T i c k e t s
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f i m

m e g a s t a r
d j s :

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p H i n n