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What Is Kommandomixing?
by pHinn

Kommandomixing is a do-it-yourself antidote to the anal retentive DJs, who want to be technically immaculate in their beatmatching skills and their no-life fanboys who blindly worship their heroes, wishing to become like them.

The DJs being today's counterpart to yesteryear's guitar heros in rock music, that revered art of "seamless" beatmatching and other technical turntable trickery has become the equivalent to the elaborate rock guitar solos of any of your regular heavy metal stadium acts.

You can see these irritating purist twerps at clubs -- instead of dancing and enjoying themselves -- watching and listening carefully to the DJs spinning records, taking careful note and bitterly commenting on any possible error in mixing, "galloping" beats and so on.

The idea behind kommandomixing is to put a complete stop to all this, and give more power to those otherwise "technically deprived" people (such as those girl DJs who are, in typical sexist attitutes, often needlessly derided in comparison to their supposedly "superior" male counterparts) who want play their records in public and share with their audience some musical gems people might not hear otherwise.

One does not need to spend 12 hours a day at turntables practising mixing and beatmatching. All one needs is a good record collection, energy, innovation and some personal ideas! Remember this was what punk was all about. Just do it!

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