general sites

booking agencies

  • Powerline Agency, Berlin, Germany.
  • Remote Agency. A Montreal based artist management and booking agency, dealing mainly with techno/minimal techno/deep house acts. They represent artists from Force Inc, Perlon, Playhouse, Context, Background, and many respected Canadian labels such as Revolver, Cynosure, Killer, Chair, Dumb-Unit, Intr_version, etc.
  • ReRun Bookings. A techno DJ booking agency in Belgium, artist roster including Acid Junkies, DJ Misjah, DJ Skull, Glenn Wilson, Johan Bacto, Space DJZ, Steve Stoll, etc.

    digital media

  • D*I*R*T*Y. Digital culture; artist interviews, DJ mixes, videos, etc.


  • Forced Exposure. USA.
  • Formic. Germany.
  • M.DOS. Austria.
  • Neuton. Germany.
  • Staalplaat. The Netherlands.

    dj accessories

  • Clubbing Europe. Ireland's first online DJ store, shipping DJ equipment and records all over Europe.


  • Earational. An annual Dutch festival for Electronic Music and Audioart.
  • Festival Pantiero, Cannes, France.

    graphic design

  • GTI Communication Design. An Austrian design team specializing in graphics for electronic music and club culture. Their recently finished online portfolio has already earned them great international acknowledgement.


  • Portable MP3 Players at Digital Music Museum. "Browse our museum of portable MP3 players. Features an overview, technical specs and links to reviews for over a wide variety of players."

    mailing lists

  • Electronic Music Mailing List Archives. You can search here the archives of such lists as 313, Ambient, Analogue Heaven, IDM, and so on.


  • RaveMatch. A dating site for ravers...

    net labels

  • Audiokraut. A net label with free MP3s from various artists.


  • Family House Collective, Italy.
  • Plain, Belgium. Exploring the tangents between music, architecture and the visual arts, Plain is an instrument for research, a way to arouse musical awareness, no slavery towards, but respect for past-time innovations, grounded in today's possibilities.


  • Tigersushi. Tigersushi is an online portal dedicated to quality Music from Jazz to Hip Hop, from Leftfielf Pop to Electronic Music. It seemlessly integrates comprehensive media content including record reviews, biographies, label profiles and streaming functionalities: Read, Learn and Listen, from any computer or wireless device.

    radio stations

  • CHMR. Newfoundland, Canada.
  • Electrobleep. 56 kpbs streaming radio! You can make 5 requests at one time! "Indie, underground rock pop avantpop glitch art electro electronica jazz anti-folk."
  • Fetthode. A Net radio operating from Bergen, Norway. Quite a lot of concerts, some DJ sets and some regular, real radio-shows. The radio sends mp3 stream at 64kbs 22khz. To listen to it you need a program which supports mp3 stream, for instance Winamp or Itunes. Also many Finnish artists on their playlists.
  • - Non Stop Rhythm & Dance. Digital Internet Radio Broadcasting online to the UK & Ireland.
  • WFMU. New Jersey, USA.

    record stores

  • Boomkat. "Your Electronic Music Specialist, Warp, IDM, dance".
  • CD Euroxpress. "We are mail order service company specializing primarily in rare, collectible and hard to find import music CDs and LPs. Our forte is Progressive and Psychedelic rock music from 60s, 70s.... to present, including symphonic rock, krautrock, space rock, hard rock and electronic. Not only that, but we do sell all other styles of music such as heavy metal, trance, dance, pop, spiritual, new age, gothic, jazz, funk and blues too. Most of our merchandise is new, however we do have used CDs and records as well. In addition we carry some unusual laser discs, DVDs and videotapes."
  • Clone, Rotterdam, Holland.
  • Clubbing Europe, Ireland. Ireland's first online DJ store, shipping records and DJ equipment all over Europe.
  • Courthouse Int'l Audio, Holland.
  • Digitalfunk, Germany. Online record shop for electronic and non-electronic dance music of all kinds.
  • Formic. Germany.
  • Interzone. France. The "real" record shop (also a label) of the same name located in Annecy (French Alps). The shop opened back in 1994 and stocks more than a thousand titles, mostly vinyls. The site features RealAudio samples, secure payment with major credit cards and shipment all over the world (well, almost...)
  • online record shop, uk mail order -- this site contains secondhand music rare items, deletions, cd, 7", 12", lp, promos, dj vinyl, weird stuff, soundtracks, indie, pop, reggae, dj mixes, house and techno, rap + hip hop, jazz, world music, etc!
  • Nuloop
  • Sybaphonik, UK. Deep house, Detroit techno/electro, future funk/nu jazz, etc.
  • Vinyl Records Australia & DJ Resources. An Australian leader in the sale of 12" DJ vinyl reocrds, with guaranteed lowest prices across Australia, NZ and the Asia Pacific Region. Also great for learning the history of dance music, learning to DJ, vinyl records and so forth. Nice design functionality. Well structured, very clean Website.

    the sites yet unsorted


  • Acid Jazz
  • Addicted To Noise. Belgium's premier site for club listings and house music.
  • Advance Party, anti-Criminal Justice Bill action
  • ALiENMIND/Lo-Tech. For future-primitives everywhere: clothes and accessories, featuring also drum'n'bass and rave sections.
  • Amazing Discographies. About 200 discographies of all
    the most important techno and house labels.
  • AmbiEntrance. Tons of electronic & avantgarde reviews!
  • Ambient Soho
  • Audioscope. An international electronic music collective.
  • BeatSeek
  • Beta Lounge. Live electronic music and DJs from San Francisco.
  • Biophilia.
  • BoomBox. RealAudio and Video from electronic artists.
  • Brainwashed
  • Circonium - The Sound of Berlin. Basic Channel, Burial Mix, Chain Reaction, Imbalance...
  • Circuit 8, an experimental hardcore techno site in England, maintained by my mate Stevvi, with excellent design and high information value on some music you may not hear about otherwise. Highly recommended.
  • Club Hollywood, Estonia
  • Cognition Audioworks. Reviews, reports and charts on techno, electro, etc.
  • Dale's London Techno Events
  • The Dance Music Resource Pages, with up-to-date information on all
    the new releases in England!
  • Deep House HQ. Deep house tracks, mixes and playlists.
  • Deep House Ireland
  • Designers Republic, who are responsible for those astonishing record sleeve images for Warp Records, PWEI, The Orb and many more!
  • Digi/Tal:Net - News from the Digital World. A monthly newspage about the activities in the electronic underground with labels like Digital Hardcore, Ambush, Praxis Records and so on.
  • Disquiet. Ambient/electronica: includes among all loads of articles and a bibliography of books on electronic music and its sub-genres.
  • DJ Martian's Page
  • DJ Shop, Germany - vinyls & tools.
  • TheDJ
  • Drum & Bass, England.
  • Electro - Crucial Electro Links. Even more comprehensive page on the world of electro.
  • Electro-Breaks Mailing List. To join, send e-mail to: In the body of the message place the appropriate command from the following list: (Do not put the command in the subject header of the e-mail message!) subscribe electro-breaks < your address >.
  • The Electronica Primer provides you with info on the various genres of electronic dance music.
  • Ellesdesia. Online Record Shop in the Netherlands specialised in all genres of electronic dance music.
  • Epsilon: The Ambient Music Information Archive
  • Eurock. Electronic Space Music - mail order, fanzine and record releases since 1973.
  • Farmers Manual, Austria.
  • Fizzarum is a Russian group (St.Petersburg) which composes the music in the style of futuristic electronics: idm, experimental ambient, noise.
  • Flashback - The Scandinavian Home of Underground
  • Forced Exposure. An excellent mail order catalogue for electronic and marginal music.
  • Forcefield. An excellent Dutch site with reviews, interviews, etc.; formerly known as Delsin.
  • France Techno Home Page
  • Futura 2000. God lives in a can of spray.
  • Global Techno / Pulsation. A comprehensive page of techno resources around the world, including lots of links to record labels and general info on techno and house.
  • Goa Trance Page, not actually my cup of tea, but if you are interested in that kind of stuff, you can find all you need here.
  • Gridface. Previously known as 'TechnoPoetry'.
  • The History of Electronic Music @ pHinnWeb. Here are some links compiled by me, including such innovators as Leon Theremin, Robert Moog and many more!
  • House of God
  • Hyperreal, the mother of all techno/rave culture pages!
  • IDM list, Intelligent Dance Music.
  • Italo Disco. Yes, the horrible 80s cheese is back with a vengeance!
  • Jowonio Productions
  • Journey Into Sound. A triphop/downtempo/breakbeat radio show in Darmstadt, Germany.
  • Korg Synthesizers
  • Lucasgro.Com. In Italian: DJs, clubs, MP3s, etc.
  • Mark/Space. Excellent general site on underground counter culture, future utopias, literature, and much more!
  • Mayday. Blatantly commercial and over-bloated are the adjectives that usually come to mind about Mayday but they have also had an important place in the international techno scene. Enter at your own risk, though.
  • Monster Mo's Music Page
  • Moscow Dance, Russia
  • Mixmaster Morris - A Site For Sore Ears. Mixmaster Morris is already a legend, and his pages contain everything you need to know on ambient, techno and their various subgenres. pHinnWeb recommeds!
  • Music Links - Electronic Music. Compiled by Karl-Michael Schneider, very comprehensive.
  • Music Resources by Lazlo Nibble
  • Music Network. "Everything from labels to lawyers, or from DJs to On-line magazines. You can download music or video, or read about some of your favourite bands", etc.
  • MUU, a Finnish media arts organisation.
  • New Releases. This page lists all forthcoming techno etc. releases, so it's worth checking out every once in a while.
  • Nirvanet, a cyberzen/techno site in France, highly recommended.
  • No Future.
  • NoiseWeb. "There is no difference between Noise and Music in my work. I have no idea what you term "Music" and "Noise". It's different depending on each person. If "Noise" means uncomfortable sound, then pop music is noise to me." - Merzbow. The ultimate site for noise!
  • Nordic Downloadable Music Site. MPEG Music Archive, free mpeg audio players, online radio, vinyl database, music links, web rings and online T-Shirt gallery.
  • 911-Party
  • Nuloop. An online recordshop for DJ's; house, techno, electro.
  • The Official Mainstream Music Sucks Page. Well, this is maybe a bit too industrial to my own tastes, but you can't say that the guy wouldn't have an attitude!
  • Outer Sound. Indie music community on the Web. Contains hundreds of pages for bands and music companies, how-to articles, searchable databases for studios and press, and much more!
  • The Orbit, Morley, West Yorkshire, UK
  • Paris Clubbing
  • Phänomen Flyer
  • Pipe. The site maintained by the people from the already-legendary dance act and pioneers of sampling techniques, Coldcut, with information on related projects like Ninja Tune label, electronic visualists Hex, and many more! Recommended.
  • Propellerhead Software. Has among all "The incredible software-only 303/808! Guaranteed to blow your mind! ReBirth is a fully fledged techno studio, with the looks, the sound and.... ahhh... yes, even the smell of vintage analog hardware."
  • Pulsation - Techno Online Guide. The purpose of this online guide is to list the maximum number of sites related to the music, the culture or the electronic art coming from the House and Techno movements.
  • RadioActive is a live 3 hour netcast radio show heard worldwide, with techno, drum'n' bass, electronic dance and rave music; also taking phone calls from everywhere in the world.
  • Ravedata
  • RaveLinks
  • RaveSearch. Raves, DJs, CDs, paraphernalia, etc.
  • Rebel Bass. A cool site in the Netherlands by DJ Lady Aida! With real audio mixes, radio shows, video clips, charts, etc.
  • Record Collecting Resources
  • "is a record shop and a great place to find out about independent UK music. We have loads of exclusive vinyl upfront and rarities from the coolest dance and indie labels. We also have hundreds of T-Shirts Posters from the UK labels."
  • Releases @ Brainwashed. A listing of recent & upcoming electronic/experimental/etc. releases.
  • Roland Synthesizers
  • Simon Reynolds
  • Smallfish Records, the excellent real-world shop (at 372 Old Street, London) with a re-worked virtual presence. The online catalogue reads from the same database they use in the shop so you can see exactly what they have in stock. There are also sound samples and scans of most releases. They also have some older gems available alongside the new releases.
  • Sonar. The international festival in Spain devoted to the several streams of electronic music creation (house, drum'n'bass, experimental, techno, electro acoustic, ambient...) and to multimedia arts in its different trends, formats and applications (installations, CD-ROM,projections, communication networks, etc.).
  • Sonic Groove Records. A record store in New York with a good selection of electronic music.
  • Sonic State Synth Site
  • Spelunk Recordings
  • Spiral Tribe. The legendary techno sound system.

  • Sprawl
  • Station 106.8 FM, Moscow. Here you can listen to some Russian techno on RealAudio.
  • Steady-J
  • Subspace, France
  • Synaptic Records. A Web record store specialised in electronic music.
  • Synthetic Pleasures
  • The Roland Bass Line TB-303 Website
  • TechnoIndex.Com is a music links index and search engine, covering all aspects of electronic music.
  • Technologix.Org. A radio show in Toronto, Canada, you can listen on RealAudio here.
  • TechnoNonStop
  • Techno.Org. Resources, info, music, clubs...
  • Techno Today, Germany
  • 313 list, THE Detroit techno site.
  • Electronica information.
  • Tribal Gathering
  • Tune Inn. The UK's # 1 Acid, Trance & Techno Specialist shop.
  • UK-Dance. The name says it all, doesn't it?
  • Ultraschall, Munich, Germany. One of the coolest techno clubs in the whole world.
  • US Techno House Business Resource by Chris Sattinger
  • Vortex, Spain
  • Welcome to Grey City, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • The Womb is a radio station in South Beach, Florida, which is one of a small group of radio stations in America that only play techno, house, jungle, drum and bass, ambient, trance, etc. 24 hrs. a day. With a 24 hour real audio and video system.
  •, an Internet radio station located in Toronto and broadcasting to the world via the Net.
  • Worldwide List of Record Labels
  • yogoo.oeilpouroeil. A website about difficult/strange/electronica/experimental music, which contains animations, design, audio clips (flash4), with some unsigned (but good!) artists.
  • pHinnWeb
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