O K K E & R I K U

The Dynamic Duo behind Pyssy Recordings and Skillsters are Okke Komulainen and Riku Pentti a.k.a. Infekto. Hip hop fanatic Okke worked for years behind the counters of Tampere record stores like Epe's and Cosmos and was also the keyboard wizard of the easy listening/lounge pop group Super. Now he plays keyboards in Liekki. Furthermore, Okke is a gifted stage magician. Riku is the hardest working DJ in Tampere club scene; spinning as DJ Infekto drum'n'bass, breaks, hip hop and trip hop, with some added house flavour. His earlier DJ alias were known as Mr. Booty and DJ Rek. Infekto's first album, Occam's Razor was published in 2005 on Nine2Five Recordings.

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