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EUROS (Finland):


Jimi Tenor & His Shamans
Total Capacity Of 216,5 Litres
Euros SIN 1041 LP
A1. Wonderful Nightmare
A2. Closer
A3. Some Fun
A4. X-Rays
A5. Darling
A6. Trumpets Of Poland
B1. New Antichrist
B2. Cowboy
B3. Blues
B4. Still In Love
B5. Thank You


Jimi Tenor and His Shamans
Closer / Some Fun (7")

A1. Closer (3'34")
B1. Some Fun (1'48")

A1. written by L. Lehto, arr. Shamans
B1. written by L. Lehto, arr. Shamans

[NOTE: the same versions as on the album.]

? (Finland)

Various Artists
* Jimi Tenor And His Shamans: Still In Love

[NOTE: In 1987, there was also released a collection which had some version of "Still In Love" - Ilkka Mattila. The complete track list of this compilation (having no sleeves nor labels) is - A1. ME 3: Kuollut rakkaus / A2. ME 3: Sä oot sä / A3. JOHNNY SPUNKY'S GUTS: Id ad / A4. ALFA: Sunnuntai aamu / A5. JAMAIS: Pönkityspäivä / A6. JIMI TENOR AND HIS SHAMANS: Still in love // B1. TOHTORI OUTOLEMPI: Se hymy / B2. TSYGOOTTI: Maihinnousu Suomeen / B3. TSYGOOTTI: Kommunismi valtaa alaa / B4. TSYGOOTTI: Maaäiti / B5. HYSTERIA: I'm gonna miss you / B6. JOSSAIN LAPISSA: Apua ahvenille / B7. VAN KEMP: Viimeinen kesä / B8. VAN KEMP: Se on sitä sotaa (source: 'Suomalaisten äänitteiden luettelo 1987', published by the University of Jyväskylä) - Jarkko Kuivanen.]

JTS/SHAMANS (the own label of band)

Jimi Tenor & His Shamans
X-Rays / Still In Love 7"
December 1987

[NOTE: the same versions as on the album. The Shamans' own label releases were numbered according to the years in the names of some classic sci-fi books like JTS2001 and JTS2010 - Ilkka Mattila.]

Jimi Tenor and His Shamans
Ugh / Snooker 7"

[NOTE: Ugh 128 Bpm, Snooker 276 Bpm.]

Jimi Tenor & His Shamans
1990 (misprinted on the record as "1984")

[NOTE: distributed on Poko Rekords, more information below.]

Jimi Tenor & His Shamans
Vera / Diana 7"

[NOTE: the last release from The Shamans as the whole band - Ilkka Mattila.]


/pic/jts20101.jpg /pic/jts20102.jpg /pic/jts20103.jpg

Jimi Tenor & His Shamans
Crisis / Fight 7"
Sonic-4 / JTS-2010

INSCRIPTION: 7/2 -89, Grammoplast.

[NOTE: actually this was released on band's own label since there was some disagreement with Sonic Records on publishing schedule at the time the record was supposed to be pressed, but the engraving 'Sonic-4' remained on the record center. Some amount of this edition has simple photocopied sleeves, the rest of them only with picture labels (Source: Pauli Kosonen & Jyrki Virtanen of Rare Magazine, Finland, issue 2/'93). The actual side A. of this record is probably, despite what reads on the label, "Fight" (this side has as its catalogue no. SONIC-4-A). There's no actual mention of Jimi Tenor, only the text 'Shamans' - Jarkko Kuivanen.]

POKO REKORDS (Tampere, Finland):


Jimi Tenor and His Shamans
Shamans1/Poko LP
A1. Factory Building
A2. Party
A3. Kiss Me
A4. Crisis
A5. Something Strange
A6. Dictaphone
B1. 220 v
B2. Winter
B3. Innocent (In A Sense)
B4. Sopot Lights
B5. Total Capacity
B6. Intruder


Jimi Tenor - saxophones, vocals, metal percussion, additional guitar
Enver Hoxha - atonal alt bass, synth
Niklas Häggblom - trumpet, vocals, metal percussion, hammer drill
Tero Kling - drums, vocals, metal percussion
Toni Kuusisto - bass
Ilkka Mattila - guitar

Jorma Tapio - bassclarinet, alto sax, flute (B2, B3, B6)
Tapani Rinne - baritone and soprano sax (B2, B3, B6)

audio engineering - Ari Vaahtera
mixing & mastering - Ari & Jimi
produced by - Shamans & Ari
cover photo - Petri Anttonen
cover - Jimi

thanks to: Matti Knaapi, Vilma Vainikainen, Jouko Lehtola, Leena Lehtinen, Marko, Jusu, Tiina and Iris

fan club: Box 91, 32201 Loimaa, Finland
[NOTE: this address is no longer valid.]

/pic/shameka1.jpg /pic/shameka2.jpg

Jimi Tenor & His Shamans
1990 (misprinted on the record as "1984")
1. Splash
2. Blasted With Extacy
3. Snooker (Memphis)
4. Luxurious Loneliness
5. Blood On Every Flag
6. Destroy
7. Gravitation
8. Television
9. Hey You
10. Snooker (Tekno)
11. Ugh
12. Business Wise
13. 380 V (Le Petomane)

Jimi Tenor: Vox, Sax ...
Enver H: Programming, Synth ...
Hande Virkki: Bass
Tero Kling: Drums
Ilkka Mattila: Guitar

[NOTE: Mekanoid was recorded and released 1990. Poko Rekords distributed the album and its promos, but in fact it was released on the own label of Shamans, and that's why there has been confusion over the years of its actual release among some people. The Shamans' own label releases were numbered according to the years in the names of some classic sci-fi books like JTS2001 and JTS2010; Mekanoid was supposed to be released as JTSCD 1984 but the members of Shamans forgot to make this clear to Poko, so it became out as SHAMANSCD 2. - Ilkka Mattila, who played guitar in the Shamans.]

Image from CD booklet Logo

BAD VUGUM (Oulu, Finland):


Jimi Tenor and His Shamans
Fear Of A Black Jesus LP
A1. Peeping At Tom's
A2. Unknown Gender
A3. Ugly But I Like Him
A4. Spaceship Of Broken Dreams
B1. Krakow House
B2. Fever!
B3. Red Lights
B4. Beastly Music

Music composed and performed by Jimi Tenor, Ilkka Mattila, Enver Mäkelä.

Guest musicians:
Can Oral - Wah-wah guitar on A3 and backing vocals A3, B4
Angel X - backing vocals A2, B3 and B4

Produced by Jimi Tenor and His Shamans + Manuel Karpinski
Recorded at Hansa Studios Berlin (March-April '92) by Manuel Karpinski

Cover: Matti Knaapi, Jimi Tenor

[NOTE: includes 3-D sleeve + glasses.]
[NOTE2: At this stage, The Shamans were not together as the whole band any more, so this was a studio project of Tenor, Mattila and Mäkelä - Ilkka Mattila.]


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