MARCH / A P R I L 2006

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pHinnWeb 10 Years - reteesti!

Bardo Pond: On The Ellipse (CD)
Boys of Scandinavia: Good Looking (Regina remix) (promo CD)
Faust: Ravvivando (CD)
Paul Giovanni: Wicker Man OST (CD)
Itäväylä: Itävalta (CD)
µ-Ziq: Royal Astronomy (CD)
Porter Ricks & Techno Animal: Symbiotics (CD)
Traffic: Mr. Fantasy (CD)
TV-Resistori: Serkut rakastaa paremmin (CD)
V/A: Rough Guide to Bollywood (CD)


Carol Clerk: The Saga of Hawkwind (book)
Pasi Lehtomaa: Ritarien varjot - autotallirokin aatelisia (book)
Joe Repsch: The Legendary Joe Meek - The Telstar Man (book)
Hasse Walli & Appe Vanajas: Hehkuva kitara (book)
Tim Willis: Madcap: The Half-Life of Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd's Lost Genius (book)


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