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Anton Nikkilä interview in Finnish

Concert video by Anton Nikkilä & Alexei Borisov recorded in September 2000 can be seen here for a limited time.


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Please, see N&B Research Digest page for more info and up-to-date news.

N&B Research Digest label (Moscow-Helsinki) has started, including works of Anton Nikkilä, Alexei Borisov, martiensgohome and many more. The first three releases are compilations Geologists and Professional Tourists, Pilottilasit - Samples from Helsinki Underground 1981-1987 and Studio Recordings Vol. 1 by F.R.U.I.T.S. (a.k.a. Pavel Jagun & Alexei Borisov). All records are available from Touch.

The latest N&B Research Digest releases are White Nights CD by Anton Nikkilä (July 2002) and Before the Evrorement by Alexei Borisov (June 2002).


VALTAVAT RECORDS (Helsinki, Finland)

Anton Nikkilä
Kytkentätaulun valot EP (7", 33 rpm)
A1. Kytkentätaulun valot (2:51)
A2. Asutuskeskus (2:25)
B1. Pilvet siirtyilevät (3:44)
B2. Neljä kotia (1:57)

Clarinet: Juha Soivio
Recording: Anton Nikkilä,
Harri Tuominen.

(p) Valtavat Records 1992

A1. A. Nikkilä, arr. A. Nikkilä - M. Taanila
A2. A. Nikkilä
B1. A. Nikkilä
B2. A. Nikkilä, arr. A. Nikkilä - J. Härkönen

EXOTICA (Moscow, Russia)


Anton Nikkilä
EXO 98108
1. Jingle
2. Kehä II
3. Get To The Machine
4. This Area
5. Blank
6. Music For Yakowlef Pt. 2
7. Politically
8. Oil On Plate
9. Synchro-System
10. Stuttgart
11. Contact Sheets
12. Hyper-Real

All tracks by Anton Nikkilä, except 5 and 7 by Borisov-Nikkilä and 10 by Swissair.

Recorded in 1998 (1,4,7), 1997 (3,5,6,8,9), 1996 (11,12), 1994 (2), 1980 (10).

Additional production on 5 and 7, voice on 7 and 12: Alexei Borisov.
Rhythm loop on 7: Roman Lebedev.
Strings on 6 & 9: Tuuli Helve.
Guitar on 10: MV.

© 1998 Anton Nikkilä
(p) 1998 EXOTICA

Distribution in Finland: Spinefarm.

Worldwide mail order: Staalplaat

Mail Order in Russia: RWCDistribution

More info (in Finnish)


  • 'Music for Yakowlef pt.2' can be found from
  • Samples from two other tracks on CD can be found from

    Formalist reviews

    N&B RESEARCH DIGEST (Helsinki, Finland)

    Anton Nikkilä
    White Nights
    July 1, 2002
    1. You Needed Me
    2. Live In Seattle
    3. Declassified Information
    4. White Nights
    5. 100 Years of Soviet Cybernetics
    6. Viva Rock'n'Roll
    7. How the Steel Was Tempered
    8. 1916
    9. Science Town Romance
    10. Cobol

    Composed by Anton Nikkilä.
    Voice on 2. and 10., noise on 4. and 8.: Alexei Borisov.
    2 recorded live ar Cafe9, Helsinki on 23.9.2000.

    (p) N&B Research Digest 2002


    Ash International (London, UK)

    Various Artists
    Ash International # 3.9
    *7. Anton Nikkilä: Geographic Samples

    (p) & © 1997 Ash International.

    "In the field reports posted by Ash's agents of the environmental sonic: Scanner, Akira Yamamichi, Disinformation and Anton Nikkila amongst others, there is an implicit attempt to realise Debussy's intentions, however flawed, however partial, of elaborating the 'mysterious correspondences between Nature and Imagination'. According to these sonic technographers and bioacousticians, we just need to take a little time and the right sensorial extensions to realise what's out there/in here. "
    (Ali Turnham, Entropy, vol. 1, issue #6)

    N&B RESEARCH DIGEST (Helsinki, Finland)

    Geologists and Professional Tourists (CD-R)
    1. Alexei Borisov & Anton Nikkilä: Cobol (Nikkilä)
    2. Technical Acoustics Lab: Fine Tuning (Bryzgalov - Borisov)
    3. Alexei Borisov & Anton Nikkilä & Sergei Letov: Oil On Plate (live) (Nikkilä)
    4. Benzo: U kostra (Norvila)
    5. Alexei Borisov & Anton Nikkilä: Blank (live) (Nikkilä - Borisov)
    6. Idioritmik: Soviet Freedom (Lebedev)
    7. Alexei Borisov & Anton Nikkilä & Kalev Tiits: Get to the Machine (Taxi Mix) (Nikkilä)
    8. martiensgohome: track 6 (from "helsinki 1.0") (martiensgohome)
    9. Alexei Borisov & Anton Nikkilä: I Was Born In the 60's (live) (Nikkilä)
    10. Technical Acoustics Lab: Moscow 80 (Bryzgalov)
    11. Alexei Borisov & Anton Nikkilä: Radiotekhnika solovya (Nikkilä - Borisov)

    All tracks recorded in 1999-2000

    Pilottilasit - Samples from Helsinki Underground 1981-1987 (CD-R)
    1. Swissair: Baggage Claim (Soivio - Taanila)
    2. Musiikkivyöry: 9-Volt (Taanila)
    3. Anton Nikkilä: Avokelanauha 1 (Nikkilä)
    4. Mika Taanila & H.S. Tuominen: Five easy pieces for do-a-loop (Taanila - Tuominen)
    5. Mietoherne: Kitarakotelo (Koskinen - Nikkilä)
    6. Swissair: 5.25 (Härkönen - Koskinen - Nikkilä - Taanila)
    7. Mietoherne: II (Koskinen - Nikkilä)
    8. Ferricjohnsson featuring Mika Taanila: Lonely Beat (Koskinen)
    9. H.S. Tuominen: 16° (Tuominen)
    10. Ferricjohnsson: Punainen koodi (Koskinen)
    11. Musiikkivyöry: bJekTi (Taanila)
    12. Swissair: Alielämää (Härkönen - Kuussaari - Nikkilä - Soivio - Taanila)

    "9-Volt" from cassette lp "Musiikkivyöry" (Valtavat Ihmesilmälasit Records, 1981)
    "Five easy pieces for a do-a-loop" released as eponymous cassette (1985)
    "II" from cassette compilation "Akkko Peruskallio" (Valtavat Records, 1981)
    "Lonely Beat" from split cassette lp (w/Harri Tuominen) "Orient Henna" (1985)
    "Alielämää" from cassette lp "Savokasälpä" (Valtavat Ihmesilmälasit Records, 1981)



    (2'20", 1993, directed by Mika Taanila)

    Get to the Machine
    (5'00", 1999, directed by Anton Nikkilä)

    Both videos are distributed by AV-ARK.


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