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Last time updated: 17 February 2000

LUMI RECORDS (Oulu, Finland)

Ari Jr.
So Real
June 1999
* with Jori Hulkkonen remix

Lifestyle People
No Music
July 1999

NOTE: featuring Tuomas Salmela, Ari Jr. & Jori Hulkkonen.

SVEK (Sweden):

Ari Jukka
Floor Funk 12"
Svek SK-002
A1. Get Up 'N' Move (04:20)
A2. I Can Do Anything (04:50)
A3. Let The Music Take Control (04:20)
B1. Pump It Freaking Style (05:25)
B2. Twist Your Ass Like To Chicago (05:43)

All tracks by Ari Ruokamo.

Shouts & respect: Alppila Getto and U. Street Collective.
Specials to Jeanette, Lulu & Bepe.

Svek contact:
fax +46 8 33 76 70


Ari Jukka
Box Trax 1 2x12"
CL 002
* 6 untitled tracks

Ari Jukka
Box Trax 2
CL 005
early 1997

Ari Jukka
Boogie Basix 12"
CL 011
October 1997
A1 Best Of Funk
A2 Jack For You Ass
B1 OffBeat Mania
B2 Booty Boogie
B3 Slappin

Recorded at Lowtech City Disco 1996, Oulu-Finland. all trax by Ari Ruokamo.
Orchestrahits to Jori, Tuomas, Sami, Tommi, Marko, Steve Ratto, John Holmers & Cari. Special Slapbass to Janette, Lulu & Bepe. Photos by Sami Ruokamo (thanx!)


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