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NOTE: Lumi Records MK I is now officially defunct but I will continue to list their ex-artists' releases for other labels on their separate pages. Lumi Records MK II is revived and has started its regular publishing schedule. For more info, check the official Lumi Records at

Check also the page of ex-Lumi artist Jukka Hautamäki, who records these days as Ihokas.

d i s c o g r a p h y


Various Artists
Under Northern Ground
Lumi 001
November 1993

A1. Approximate: Approximate
A2. Approximate: Exorgonic
A3. Approximate: Taschen
A4. Approximate: Brain Forest
A5. Approximate: Absent Room
A6. Stara: Athmosphere
A7. Stara: Float
B1. Stara: Paraspace
B2. Stara: Soft Planet
B3. Avalon Unbounded: Corona Borealis
B4. Avalon Unbounded: Moments Will Be
B5. Avalon Unbounded: Epherion
B6. Avalon Unbounded: Time To

A1. - A5. by Jukka Hautamäki, A6. - B2. by Ari Ruokamo and B3. - B6. by Jori Hulkkonen

NOTE: 25 copies.

Various Artists
Phosphore Phlakep
Lumi 002
May 1994

A1. Natina: Accu
A2. Cavalier: Cavalier
A3. Nanook: Ond

B1. Nanook: Brain Forest
B2. Electromantic: Chamos

A1. - A2. by Ari Ruokamo, A3. - B1. by Jukka Hautamäki and B2. by Jori Hulkkonen

NOTE: 200 copies.

Various Artists
The Jack Is Out There
LUMI003 (vinyl only)
June 1995


1. Blink 'Stoned Society'
2. PVC 'Jack Box'
3. Intense 'Shave Me'
4. Klark Kent 'Retrofresh'
5. Approximate 'Fututoyshop'


1. Deks Dekster 'Ruska'
2. Speaking Trees 'Stomp'
3. Spiv 'Fade In'
4. Speaking Trees 'Don't Interrupt'
5. Vichy 'Reve De Troit' (Sea Tape Mix)

A1 J Hautamäki/AP Lehtola
A2 & A4 A Ruokamo, A3 & B
T Salmela, A5 J Hautamäki,
B1 & B5 J Hulkkonen,
B2 & B4
S Husa

NOTE: Lumi Records were Jori Hulkkonen, Ari Ruokamo & Jukka Hautamäki.


Ari Jr.
So Real
June 1999
* with Jori Hulkkonen remix

Lifestyle People
No Music
July 1999

NOTE: featuring Tuomas Salmela, Ari Jr. & Jori Hulkkonen.

Midnite City Soul Affair
Still Loving You lrs-015
September 1999

NOTE: Superb JORI HULKKONEN prod. track w/ bluesy vocals & huge bassline!!!

Step Time Orchestra
Go Home
October 1999

NOTE: Brilliant groovy & discofied floorshaker by Jori Hulkkonen & Tuomas Salmela!

Junko '73
Woodworks (12")
March 2000

NOTE: Step Time Orchestra-produced slammin' deep & funky 4-track EP!

Step Time Orchestra
The Bounty Trackers EP (12")
March 2001

NOTE: "Lumi is back with a slammin' 3 track EP by JORI HULKKONEN and TUOMAS SALMELA! Straight up floorfilling discohouse bizz at its best!" - Mind Records



Step Time Orchestra
"Is Best" (12")
STIK 066
A1. Kalinka
A2, Harmony Bylsisters
B1. Jallu Cola
B2. Restless Cinderella

Written & produced by: Step Time Orchestra for Oulu Soul Productions.
Recorded at the 45 Special, Oulu-Finland.


Step Time Orchestra
"The Forbidden Dance EP" (12")
VPR 022
A1. Ballantimes
A2. Sunblock
B1. Calamari Union
B2. Crazy Legs

Mixed & Produced by Step Time Orchestra for Oulusoul Productions. Recorded at the 45 Special, Oulu - Finland 1998.

Step Time Orchestra
"Note Crisis" EP (12")
VPR 027
A1. Kekkonen
B1. Yesterday's Paper
B2. Who's The Father

Mixed and produced by Step Time Orchestra for Oulusoul Productions. Horns on "Kekkonen" by Tinto Brass Band. Recorded at the 45 Special, Oulu Finland 1998.

lumi members: solo releases

jori hulkkonen

ari ruokamo

tuomas salmela


Lumi Records
Toivoniementie 10 As 49
FIN-90500 OULU

Phone & Fax:



Thanks to Arto Lanamäki for discography information.

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