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General Kraftwerk sites:

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  • Kraftwerk FAQ @ Kevin Busby's Kraftwerk page
  • Kraftwerk - The Early Years '68 - '73 another link
  • Kraftwerk Online (in French)
  • Kraftwerk.technopop.com.br
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  • Kraftwerk @ Yahoo!
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  • The Kraftwerk Influence: The Songs That Have Sampled Kraftwerk
  • Articles:

  • The Kraftwerk Online Library
  • Kraftwerk by Andy McGill, Mojo, April 1997
  • Kraftwerk by Erno Kumpulainen and Kaj Mäkelä (in Finnish)
  • Interviews:

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  • Kraftwerk Midis (in Greek!)
  • Kraftwerk MOD page
  • Related sites:

  • The History of Electronic Music @ pHinnWeb
  • Krautrock @ pHinnWeb
  • 313ctr0 @ pHinnWeb

  • pHinnWeb

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