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Finnish Nuggets? Introduction by pHinn

So, how about Finnish psychedelic music or wild garage-style bands in the late 1960s?

I'm afraid any possible examples might be really scarce, but I have included here some artists, who might not be strictly garage rock or psychedelia, but whose some tracks could well be there too, if there was a Finnish version of Nuggets or Pebbles...

The contents of this page are admittedly a mixed bag, since the 1960s still found Finnish rock music in its infancy, and only the following decade found a more serious approach to rock in Finland.

However, in the 1960s Finnish pop and rock music scene underwent many changes, starting with the rautalanka scene (a home-grown variation of instrumental surf music and such international bands as The Shadows and The Ventures, where old Finnish folk songs and traditional melodies found modern electric guitar renditions) and following closely such international trends as the folk boom, Beatlemania, and rhythm'n'blues and blues revival that started in the mid-60s Great Britain; all the way to soul music, psychedelia and early progressive rock. All styles in their turn finding their domestic proponents on these Northern shores.

Despite these developments, such genres representing "the old dance music" as tango, waltz and foxtrot were still huge in the 1960s Finland; the frustrated rock bands touring Finnish countryside often threatened with physical violence if they refused to perform these traditional styles to their rural audiences. Iskelmä -- the light middle-of-the-road pop for the older audiences -- naturally ruled supreme; being always considered a smart career move for a performer who had "matured" from the beat group years.

Therefore, a peculiar thing about Finnish scene has always been the fact that the same musicians could be found playing as varied and diverse genres as with the early beat groups, rhythm'n'blues, rock and pop music in general, psychedelia and progressive rock; even jazz, soul and funk. This can explained by the relative smallness of local music circles in a country where everyone knows virtually everyone else, and also the rapid succession of musical trends, which was prevalent in the 1960s and early 70s.

Nevertheless, some rare gems could be found among these early guitar bands and beat groups, who by their nature were often not much more than fly-by-night, in an era when rock music was not considered a life-long career option; not to speak about the tracks that were just little curios in the total output of their creators more adjusted to accommodating the conservative domestic tastes.

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