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Official Jori Hulkkonen Site now open!

  • The new album, Different, out now on F Com!
  • Tiga & Zyntherius (aka Jori) remix Cabaret Voltaire's 'Nag Nag Nag' for NovaMute!
  • Duets is a new series of Jori's collaborations with different artists, starting with Alexi Delano, on F Com.
  • Jori's new alias is called Zyntherius, who has now released together with Tiga (Canada) a cover version of Corey Hart's 80s hit "Sunglasses After Night" for Gigolo Records. A massive chart & club hit!
  • Jori has also remixed Goldfrapp (on Mute Records).
  • Jori's interview (in Finnish), 27 July 2001, at;466;470;28472;130356;215075 - here you can also see the interview as a video and listen Jori's exclusive mix.
  • Another interview in Finnish, 15 August 2002, at Soneraplaza
  • Jori's new mix CD, Helsinki Mix Sessions (MAR-CD-012) now out on Turbo Records (Canada)!

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    d i s c o g r a p h y :

    DJUPT (Stockholm, Sweden)

    Jori Juhanna & Kari Pekka
    Saker Oss Imellan
    September 1999
    A1. Neva Gonna Do It (Cari Lekebusch remix)
    A2. Neva Gonna Do It (Original Jori Hulkkonen mix)
    B1. 2mora I will Luv Ya (Original Jori Hulkkonen mix)
    B2. 2mora I will Luv Ya (Cari Lekebusch remix)

    NOTE: Jori Hulkkonen & Cari Lekebusch prod. tech-house.


    Jori Hulkkonen
    Selkäsaari Tracks Episode 1 - First Episode of Two Parts Series
    July 1996

    A1. Mello Dick Track (7:04)
    A2. Blane Tudor's Theme (9:00)
    B1. Selkäsaari (9:17)
    B2. Sumthing (5:02)

    All tracks written & produced by Jori Hulkkonen.
    Recorded at Tirolintie, Alppila, Oulu in Finland between September 1995 and April 1996.
    Licensed for the world to F Communications. Design Geneviève Gauckler.
    Thanks to Ari, Tuomas, Kari & Cari.

    Jori Hulkkonen
    Selkäsaari Tracks Episode 2 - Second Episode of Two Parts Series
    September 1996

    A1. The Vinci (7:18)
    A2. Cum of It (7:30)
    B1. 3rd Line (5:45)
    B2. Flavatanssit (9:17)

    All tracks written & produced by Jori Hulkkonen.
    Recorded at Tirolintie, Alppila, Oulu in Finland between September 1995 and April 1996.
    Licensed for the world to F Communications. Design Geneviève Gauckler.
    Thanks to Ari, Tuomas, Kari & Cari.

    Sample: 'Flavatanssit' (198k aif).

    NOTE: there is also a CD combining both of these two releases (October 1996).

    Jori Hulkkonen
    Silk and Bullets (12")
    April 1997
    A1. It's All Over Now (6:20)
    A2. Tiroli Track (7:44)
    B1. Groove Shelter (7:00)
    B2. Compufunk (6:50)

    All tracks written & produced by Jori Hulkkonen at the Alppi-Houz, Oulu, Finland. Licensed for the world to F Communications.

    T&R: F Comm crew, my family, Oulu Houz crew and those who care, know and care to know...

    Jii "da Pimpbot" HOO
    Disconnects you from "the world of copyright" aka "so take me to court, motherfuckers!" 12"
    May 1997
    A. Can You Feel The Force (7:21)
    B1. Don't Git Uptite (6:12)
    B 2. You Gotta Funk (7:01)

    All tracks composed & performed by Jii "da Pimpbot" Hoo at Hoo-House.

    Sleeve notes:
    Disco can't be stopped anymore. Disco is not only a fashion too, which determines what s going on in the streets.
    Nowadays disco is unbeatable. (No doubt the most popular world-champion with millions and millions of fans).
    It all started in the private-clubs in the United States of America.
    And today Mr Disco is the absolute emperor of the whole empire.
    And even the superstars of modern popmusic cannot ignore the turbulent disco-rage anymore!
    And if you listen to this record it will be crystal clear to you that it isn t a false shriek.


    Jii HOO
    Let Me Luv U
    September 1997
    A1. Let Me Luv U (Main Mix)
    B1. Let Me Luv U (Dub Mix)

    All tracks mixed by Jii HOO at the HOO-Houz, 1997.

    Jori Hulkkonen
    The Spirits (12" EP)
    May 18, 1998
    A1. 7 Nites, 7 Dayz
    A2. Let's Go Out 2nite
    B1. You Don't Belong Here
    B2. Red Tape District

    All Tracks by Jori Hulkkonen. Recorded at the Alppi-houz 1997/1998

    Shout-outs: Eric & Laurent & the rest of the F comm crew (field & office), Tuomas, Ari Jr, Stockholmerz & the rest of you lot...
    e-mail: (no longer valid)

    Jori Hulkkonen
    Inside Me (12" EP)
    June 15, 1998
    A1. The Street Near Your Place
    A2. Äärirajoilla
    B1. Kemi
    B2. 6.12

    All Tracks by Jori Hulkkonen. Recorded at the Alppi-houz 1997/1998

    Shout-outs: Eric & Laurent & the rest of the F comm crew (field & office), Tuomas, Ari Jr, Stockholmerz & the rest of you lot...
    e-mail: (no longer valid)


    Jori Hulkkonen
    The Spirits Inside Me (CD)
    June 15, 1998
    1. Nitewalking (6'30")
    2. Äärirajoilla (7'45")
    3. 6.12 (7'25")
    4. The Street Near Your Place (7'40")
    5. You Don't Belong Here (8'15")
    6. Red Tape District (6'36")
    7. 7 Nites, 7 Dayz (6'58")
    8. Kemi (7'58")

    All tracks by Jory Hulkkonen. Recorded at the Alppi-houz 1997/1998.
    Photos by Sami Ruokamo, assistant Vesa Muikkula.

    Shout-outs to the following: Eric, Laurent G & EVERYONE on F Comm (field & office), Bruno, Ben, DJ Deep, Tuomas, Ari Jr, Hepolanderz, Joachim, Cari, Christian & Stockholm posse in general, Kapa, Leena, Ilkka M, Sami N, Pepe Willberg, Jerry, Radioman Serping, Rakt Över Disc & Metropol.
    Also big thanks & respect to all you whom I've had the pleasure to meet and work with in the last couple of years. See you later!

    And remember: SMOKING KILLS!
    e-mail: (no longer valid)

    Jori Hulkkonen
    Detach Yoself (12")
    March 1999
    A. Detach Yoself
    B. Detach Yoself (re-m.i.x.)

    Both versions written & produced by Jori Hulkkonen at the Alppi-Houz, Oulu, Finland 1998-1999.
    Nice people: Eric & the F comm crew, OuluSouldiers, Stockholm fellas & My Family and Friends.

    Lu & Jii Hoo
    Shelter (12"/CDS)
    October 1999

    A1. Shelter (Original)
    A2. Shelter (Jori Hulkkonen remix)
    B1. Shelter (Elegia's Shelter remix)

    1. Shelter (Radiomix)
    2. Shelter (Jori Hulkkonen remix)
    3. Shelter (Elegia's Shelter remix)
    CD A1. Shelter (original)

    Jori Hulkkonen
    When No One Is Watching (12")
    July 2000
    * 3 tracks

    Jori Hulkkonen
    Wanna You Do (12")
    autumn 2000

    When  No  One  Is  Watching,  We  Are  Invisible

    Jori Hulkkonen
    When No One Is Watching, We Are Invisible (CD)
    October 2000
    1. If Only (3:19)
    2. Interstate of Love (5:36)
    3. The Moment (7:37)
    4. Flash Boy (6:29)
    5. Confusion (6:33)
    6. Whispers (4:26)
    7. Versus (7:10)
    8. Wanna Do You (6:15)
    9. Back When We Was Attached (8:44)
    10. Contaminated (6:57)
    11. Let Me Luv U (7:54)

    Jori Hulkkonen
    We Are Invisible (12")
    October 2000
    1. Back When We Was Attached
    2. Flash Boy
    3. Wanna Do You

    NOTE: "Superb deephouse 3 tracker with 'Back When We Was Attached', 'Flash Boy' and 'Wanna Do You'. Jori's current album will not be released on vinyl format! This is the only release where you can find these tracks on vinyl!" - Mind Records mailing list

    Jori Hulkkonen
    Wanna Do You (Remixes) (12")
    October 2000

    NOTE: Incl. original and a deep 20:20 Vision remix by RALPH LAWSON and CARL FINLOW!

    Jori Hulkkonen
    We Are Being Watched (12")
    F129 RMX1 (white label promo only)
    late 2000
    A1. Let Me Luv U (1 Mo' Time)
    A2. Whispers (Extended Dance Version)
    B1. Contaminated (Deeper Than Lake Baikal Mix)
    B2. Man From Solaris (The Nega)

    Jori Hulkkonen
    Let Me Luv U (12")

    NOTE: "Perhaps the biggest Jori Hulkkonen production to date finally gets a much anticipated re-release. Includes the original version + remixes by Muzique Tropique, Demon and Nigel Hayes." - Mind Records info

    Sounds Like Trouble EP (12")
    F 140W (white label)
    May 2001
    A1. Sacred Souls
    A2. Miniatures
    B1. Foundations
    B2. Compelled

    By Jori H.

    Jori Hulkkonen & Alexi Delano
    Duets 1 (12")
    October 22, 2001
    A1. Elements In Silence (6:27)
    A2. Future Help (5:11)
    B1. Fields of Grass (6:18)
    B2. BK Replacement (5:31)

    All tracks written & produced by Alexi "ADNY" Delano & J. Hulkkonen at Minimum Studio NYC.

    This is Part One of a series of releases featuring Jori Hulkkonen collaborating with a producer of his choice. More will follow.

    Jori Hulkkonen
    Whispers (Remixes) (12")

    NOTE: "One of the stand out tracks of the album with funky remixes by DAVID DURIEZ, DAN ELECTRO and THE HACKER. Incl. also the original version." - Stereofonica Records info.

    Jori Hulkkonen
    Different (CD/2-LP)
    September 2002
    A1. We Are Rising Sun (4:18)
    vocals by Jerry Valuri
    A2. You're My Excuse For Being Me (6:52)
    A3. Four Seasons, Four Loves (6:29)
    vocals by Jerry Valuri
    B1. Strangefaith (7:00)
    B2. All I See Is Shadows (6:30)
    vocals by Nick Triani
    B3. Miniaturized (6:26)
    C1. Man From Solaris (8:05)
    vocals by Jerry Valuri
    C2. Abstract Living (6:59)
    D1. Latin Taiga (10:11)
    featuring Tuomas Salmela
    D2. Blue & White
    featuring Tiga

    NOTE: D2. is a bonus track, not featured in the album tracklist.

    Jori Hulkkonen
    All I See Is Shadows (12")
    October 2002 A. All I See Is Shadows (Alternative Version) (9:19)
    B. You're My Excuse For Being Me (Alternative Version) (7:33)

    Written & produced by Jori Hulkkonen.
    Vocals on 'All I See Is Shadows' performed by Nick Triani.
    Both versions reshaped for the floors by Jori Hulkkonen @ Alppihouz Mk III 2002.
    Original versions on the album "Different".

    Photo by Jori Hulkkonen. Design: david@Hotspot.

    Jori Hulkkone (sic)
    All I See Is Shadows (Acid Kings remix) (12")
    F 171W
    January 2003

    Acid Kings are: K. Oksane, P. Salone and T. Toivone.
    Courtesy of Keys of Life / Sähkö Recordings

    NOTE: a one-sided 12", probably promo only?

    Jori Hulkkonen
    Hösh 2! Straight Over The Counter EP
    F 180
    May 2003
    A. Kärppä (10:05)
    B1. Sons Of Soong (6:50)
    B2. Am-I-Z? (7:10)

    All tracks written & produced by Jori Hulkkonen @ the Alppihouz MK IIIb, Finland 2003.

    Jori Hulkkonen info @ F Com site -> Artists.

    EC RECORDS (The Netherlands):

    Bobby Forester
    She Loox Different (12")
    EC 28
    EC Records
    February 1999
    A1. Original Remix
    A2. Literon Remix
    B1. Gerd Remix
    B2. Jori Hulkonen [sic] remix

    written and produced by Bobby Forester


    Jori Hulkkonen Kemistä
    Rokataan Täysillä
    HYB 025
    1995 (1997?)
    1. We Gonna Rock It, Man!
    2. Cexi
    1. Järppi
    2. Canci

    Kaikki laulut on Jorin sävellyksiä! Recorded in Oulu/Suomi.
    Hybrid Productions/Sound Architecture boosted by Planet Rhythm,fax +46 (0)8 6504 707

    Recorded: 1995, Oulu / Finland
    Units: 2200 (12 inch, black vinyl)
    Inscriptions: Respect & thanx to Ari Kapa Tuoppi / Leena, Oulu is low tech! Revive Discemi, no more Kukko!!

    Jori Hulkkonen
    Hybrid 2?


    Tiga & Zyntherius
    Sunglasses After Dark EP (12")
    October 2001

    NOTE: Tiga & Jori Hulkkonen (=Zyntherius) produced electro track + a bangin' remix by Chris Liebing - Stereofonica Records info. This is a cover version of Corey Hart's 1980s hit.

    Tiga & Zyntherius
    Sunglasses Remixed (12")
    May 2002

    KEYS OF LIFE (Helsinki, Finland)

    Afrobaltic Sound Kimara
    Afråland EP (12")
    LIFE12IN-4 / EFA 50134-6
    July 2000
    A1. Tiiger Tanzania
    A2. Reflections (Trapped Inside a Mirror)
    B1. Tiiger Tanzania Freestyle Man No Smoke mix
    B2. Tiiger Tanzania Roberto Rodriguez Helsinki R'n'B mix

    Written and produced by Step Time Orchestra.
    Additional production and remix on B1 by Sasse
    at Metalbar Studios Ffm
    Mastered and edited by Pete "Ääni" Salone.

    ©+(p) Keys of Life Records 2000.

    "Super deep afro-jazz-house by STEP TIME ORCHESTRA (aka JORI HULKKONEN and TUOMAS SALMELA). Incl. deep remixes by FREESTYLE MAN and ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ!"

    Fancy Robots
    South Of The Sun, North Of The Moon (12")
    April 2001

    "STEP TIME ORCHESTRA prod. slammin' old school electro tracks!" - Mind Records info

    LUMI RECORDS (Oulu, Finland)

    Various Artists
    Under Northern Ground
    Lumi 001
    November 1993 * B3. Avalon Unbounded: Corona Borealis
    * B4. Avalon Unbounded: Moments Will Be
    * B5. Avalon Unbounded: Epherion
    * B6. Avalon Unbounded: Time To

    NOTE: 25 copies.

    Various Artists
    Phosphore Phlakep
    Lumi 002
    May 1994 * B2. Electromantic: Chamos

    NOTE: 200 copies.

    Various Artists
    The Jack Is Out There
    LUMI003 (vinyl only)
    June 1995
    * B1. Deks Dekster 'Ruska'
    * B5. Vichy 'Reve De Troit' (Sea Tape Mix)

    NOTE: Lumi Records MK I were Jori Hulkkonen, Ari Ruokamo & Jukka Hautamäki.

    Midnite City Soul Affair
    Still Loving You lrs-015
    September 1999

    NOTE: Superb JORI HULKKONEN prod. track w/ bluesy vocals & huge bassline!!!

    Step Time Orchestra
    Go Home
    October 1999

    NOTE: Brilliant groovy & discofied floorshaker by Jori Hulkkonen & Tuomas Salmela!

    Step Time Orchestra
    The Bounty Trackers EP (12")
    March 2001

    NOTE: "Lumi is back with a slammin' 3 track EP by JORI HULKKONEN and TUOMAS SALMELA! Straight up floorfilling discohouse bizz at its best!" - Mind Records

    NOZLE/EMI (Finland):

    Step Time Orchestra
    I Just Can't Wait (12")
    Nozle 879967
    November 2001

    NOTE: JORI HULKKONEN & TUOMAS SALMELA prod. deep groovin' house track with Wigwam samples! - Stereofonica Records info.

    OUT OF ORBIT/ACV (Italy):

    Jori Hulkkonen
    Hot In The Heels Of Blane Tudor 12"
    Out Of Orbit/ACV
    May 1996
    A1. Oh Fuck
    A2. Man Of Many Shuffles
    B1. Frequency
    B2. Tokari Track

    All tracks written and produced by Jori Hulkkonen.
    Recorded in Finland.

    PAN (UK):

    Jii Hoo
    Let Me Love You (12")
    PAN016 Special/promo
    July 1998
    A1. "Let Me Love You" (Original Mix)
    A2. "Let Me Love You" (Dub Mix #2)
    B1. "Let Me Love You" (Blak Beat Remix)

    Jii Hoo
    Let Me Luv U (12) PAN016
    September 1998
    A1. Original Mix (7.42)
    A2. Radio Edit (4.08)
    B1. East West Truth Mix (7.00)
    B2. Blak Beat remix (7.49)

    All titles written and produced by Jii Hoo.
    A1 & A2 mixed by Jii Hoo at the Hoo-Houz.
    A2 edited by Daddy Mansions and Nigel Walton.
    B1 remix and additional production by Dr Bob Jones and Lofty for East West Productions;
    keyboards by Neil Crowley, programmed and mixed by Dave Tyler.
    B2 remixed by The Boogie Bruthaz.
    All mixes contain a sample from "Hospital Prelude of Love Theme" by Willie Hutch
    courtesy of Motown Record Company.


    Bobby Forester
    "Love You Forever", Part 1
    October 1997
    A1. (I Got) Pressure Control (7.22)
    A2. Juk 2 My Rooz (6.57)
    B1. The Day The World Stood Still (8.21)

    All Tracks Produced and Mixed By Bobby Forester at Jätte Studio.

    Bobby Forester
    "Love You Forever", Part 2
    December 1997
    A1. I Know I Shouldn't
    A2. Nites Of Iguana
    AA1. West Side Girls
    AA2. She Loox Different

    All Tracks Produced and Mixed by Bobby Forester at Jätte Studio.

    Love You

    Bobby Forester
    "Love You Forever" CD
    January 1998
    1. I Know I Shouldn't
    2. The Day The World Stood Still
    3. (I Got) Pressure Control
    4. West Side Girls
    5. Nites Of Iguana
    6. Ceep Kumming
    7. Git Wat She Wonz
    8. Juk 2 My Rooz
    9. She Loox Different
    10. In The Year 2000

    Produced & mixed by Bobby Forester at Jättestudio.
    Shout-Outs 2: Joachim @ Loop Records, Stockholm Posse in General, DJ Jätteboy (Stor Som Fan), Eric, Laurent G, C & M, Fab, Steph, Bruno & Da Rest Of Da French Posse, "Quality Cat" Tuomas, "Johnmastah" Arzka, Hepolathi Posse, Tha Funk Lord, Da family, GH Family & EVERYONE I've met along the way... C Ya! P's!!
    If I sampled U, I'm sorry, but I'm yer fan and I Love U Forever!
    - Robert Jeremy Forester Senior

    Design by Muffe at catastroph(e)
    Photo by Håkan Lindell
    Thanks to Watchman Bertram.

    Jori Hulkkonen on the album.

    Bobby Forester
    Love You Forever RMX (12")
    May 1998
    A1. Pressure Control (6.20)
    (J. Dahlbäck Mix)
    A2. Pressure Control (7.15)
    (A. Bender Mix)
    AA1. The Day The World Stood Still (8.10)
    (Forester Speed Karate Mix)


    Eternal Boyman
    High Hopes - Part 1 (12")
    November 1999
    A. Haaparanta
    B. Välkommen till framtiden

    Eternal Boyman
    High Hopes - Part 2 (12")
    November 1999
    A. Katri's Thang
    B1. Syvä
    B2. Only A Skijumper Can Know It

    NOTE: Jori Hulkkonen prod. deep & funky club drive!

    Eternal Boyman
    Prelude To An Hangover EP (12")
    October 2000
    A1. Cup Holder
    B1. Finnkampen - Martin Venetjoki rmx
    B2. Finnkampen

    NOTE: Slammin' floorfriendly deephouse grooves by JORI HULKKONEN! Incl. a smokin' Martin Venetjoki remix!

    PUSH'N'PULL (The Netherlands):

    J.A.W.S. (Just Another White Sucka)
    Polar Pimp (12")
    A1. Polar Pimp (Kempele)
    B1. Polar Pimp (Kempele) - Cozy Creatures Re-creation
    B2. Slammin'

    Booty & Tha Beats (12")
    December 1999
    A. Booty & Tha Beats (Jori Hulkkonen Remix)
    B1. Booty & Tha Beats (Original Mix)
    B2. U Cum To Me

    Cozy Creatures
    How About Some Music?
    March 2001 * Jori Hulkkonen remix

    NOTE: "New Cozy Creatures jam with remixes by JORI HULKKONEN and FRED EVERYTHING!" - Mind Records

    STATION (Turku, Finland):

    Juxxu Boyzz
    Jekku Traxx 4 (12")
    December 1999
    A1. Loving a Bachelor
    A2. The Jekku Theme
    B1. Juxx Jazz
    B2. The Deepity

    "Jekku Traxx 4 is produced by none other than JORI HULKKONEN and TUOMAS SALMELA (aka Step Time Orchestra)! This EP contains 4 absolutely slammin' floorfillers in Harry Romero/Subliminal style. This is THE house release of 1999 that you MUST have... See if you can spot the Kauko Röyhkä sample?"


    Jori Hulkkonen Kemistä
    LATUA!! 2x12"
    CL 004
    February 1997
    A1. Hohto
    B1. Housemaster
    C1. Junipery People
    D1. Pikkiporsas
    D2. The Car Chase

    Oh shit! Another Trainspotters Nightmare. All tracks made by Jori Hulkkonen, recorded in Oulu / Suomi-Finnland.

    Jori Hulkkonen
    Finland: 0 Points
    CL 010
    September 1997
    A1. Read Us What U Read
    A2. We'll Do Anything
    B1. Booty Time
    B2. Möhkis
    C1. I Can Feel The Funk
    C2. Hypnosyna
    D1. Gotta Release This!

    Kaikki laulut Jorin sävellyksiä. Recorded in Oulu, Suomi-Finland. Photos by Sami Ruokamo, except "front" by Paavo Hulkkonen.

    Agent Profiles (Oulu) @ Hybrid.

    NOTE: Trainspotter's Nightmare is Cari (Hybrid Productions) Lekebusch's label.

    Jori Hulkkonen - Remixes:


    St James
    Do Anything (I Will) (12")
    SRCDM 53575
    Black Chocolate Production
    February 1999
    * #3 Bobby Forester D-Dub (7.28)

    Additional production by Jori Hulkkonen at Jätte Studios

    BRIQUE ROUGE (France)

    Les Macons De La Musique
    The Main Key (Rmxs, 12")
    February 2000
    * with a Jori Hulkkonen remix

    NOTE: Deep & jazzy floorpleaser w/ rmxs by JORI HULKKONEN & DAVID DURIEZ! - Mind Records

    DJ Skip
    Euphony EP (12")
    January 2001
    * with a Step Time Orchestra (Jori Hulkkonen & Tuomas Salmela) remix.

    NOTE: Excellent floorfriendly deephouse with slammin' remixes by STEP TIME ORCHESTRA and DAVID DURIEZ! - Mind Records


    Breathe (12")
    * Remixed by Jori Hulkkonen and Markus Nikolai.


    Thomas Krome
    Kåt I Baren (10")
    Dahlbäck & Krome Recordings
    October 1998
    A. Kåt I Baren
    B. Jori Hulkkonen Remix

    ELOGE (Sweden)

    Supermodern EP (12")
    spring 2000
    * B2. Enter: The Star (Jori Hulkkonen's remix)

    E RECORDS (Oulu, Finland):

    Plan E
    Deep 7"
    February 4, 1997
    A. Deep - Pleasure Mix (4:34)
    B. Deep - Original Version (2:34)

    Original version written by Jani Lehtosaari & Plan E. Produced by Lehtosaari. Remixed by Jori Hulkkonen in January 1997.

    E Records
    PO Box 50
    90251 Oulu


    Plan E
    Lunarscapes (7")
    May 1998
    A. Lunarscapes (Original)
    B. Lunarscapes (Lumix)

    Performed by Plan E. Written by Lehtosaari & Plan E.
    Original version taken from "E Spelled Backwards".
    Lumix by Jori Hulkkonen at the Alppi-Houz, 11/'97.
    Previously unreleased.


    Nova Nova
    Bewildered remixes (12")
    F097promo (commercial release later in '99)
    November 1998 A Bewildered (Jori Hulkkonen Finnstrumental Dub)
    B1 Bewildered (Maas 1982 Dub)
    B2 Bewildered (Alexkid Blender mix)

    A Reminiscent Drive
    N.Y.C Dharma revisited by Jori Hulkkonen & Charles Webster (12")
    February 1998
    A1 NYC Dharma (Jori's Slick Latin Heart Mix) (7'10")
    A2 NYC Dharma (Jori's Slick Latin Radio Mix) (3'07")
    B1 Two Sides To Every Story (Love From San Francisco Mix) (7'08")
    B2 NYC Dharma (Oulu By Midnight mix) (7'17")

    Original music, sounds & production by Jay Alanski at Le Jardin St Vincent.
    Guitar on NYC Dharma by J.F. Kellner.
    A1, A2, B2 revisited by Jori Hulkkonen at Alppi-Houz, Oulu, Finland 1997.
    B2 remix & additional production by Charles Webster.

    Bienvenida Remixes (12")
    17 September 2001
    B1. Bienvenida - Jori Hulkkonen Remix

    B1. Remix and additional production by Jori Hulkkonen at the Alppihouz II, Helsinki, Finland.

    GUIDANCE (Chicago, IL, USA):

    Blue Monday Remixes
    * A1 Blue Monday - Jori Hulkkonen Remix 1 * A2 Blue Monday - Jori Hulkkonen Remix 2

    NOTE: a cover version of a New Order track.

    GUNGELIGUNG (Sweden):

    Martin Venetjoki
    Jump & Shout (Remixes) (2x10")
    * Jori Hulkkonen remix

    HAWAII SOUNDS (Helsinki, Finland)

    Giant Robot
    Urban International (12"/CDS)
    HAWAII-08 / HAWAII-08B
    November 1999
    5. Helsinki Rock City [Jori Hulkkonen House City Oulu remix] - (8:20)

    JAZZPUU (Helsinki, Finland)

    Olli Ahvenlahti
    Countenance (12")
    May 2002
    * B. Countenance - Jori Hulkkonen Jazz Acid Mix (6:47)

    [Full credits here]

    LUMI RECORDS (Oulu, Finland)

    Ari Jr.
    So Real
    June 1999
    * with Jori Hulkkonen remix

    NOVAMUTE (London, UK):

    Cabaret Voltaire
    Nag Nag Nag (CDS)
    October 2002
    *2. Nag Nag Nag (Tiga & Zyntherius Radio Version)

    Cabaret Voltaire
    Nag Nag Nag (12")
    October 2002
    A: Nag Nag Nag (Tiga & Zyntherius Full Version)

    NOTE: Zyntherius = Jori Hulkkonen.

    PUSH'N'PULL (The Netherlands):

    Cozy Creatures
    Espionage (12")
    Push'n'Pull one sided promo
    October 1998
    A. Espionage (Jori Hulkkonen re-mix)

    Cozy Creatures
    Espionage (12")
    Push'n'Pull promo (commercial release later in '99)
    December 1998
    A1. Espionage - Jori Hulkkonen re-mix
    A2. Espionage - Original
    B1. Espionage - JT Donaldson remix

    Cozy Creatures
    Espionage (12")
    April 1999
    A1. Espionage - Jori Hulkkonen re-mix
    A2. Espionage - Original
    B1. Espionage - JT Donaldson remix

    PUU RECORDS (Helsinki, Finland)

    Nicole Willis
    All The Time (12")
    PUU-20 / EFA 50170-6
    July 2000
    A2. All The Time - Jori Hulkkonen House Mix (6:26)

    All lyrics and vocals by Nicole Willis.
    All music by Nicole Willis, Maurice Fulton, Jimi Tenor.
    Produced by Maurice Fulton, Jimi Tenor and Nicole Willis.

    Freestyle Man ft. Wanda Felicia
    Que Domingo (Rmx)
    May 2001

    NOTE: "Timeless Latin-tinged classic revisited... this time with extra silky female vocals and awesome remixes by JORI HULKKONEN and NU SPIRIT HELSINKI!" - Mind Records info

    ROCKADILLO RECORDS (Tampere, Finland):

    Tirana Flood (CDS)
    ZENSICD 1042
    December 1997
    * 2. The Phone (Classic Stereo Disco Mix) (4:32)
    * 3. The Phone (Le Dub Français) (5:30)

    Remix and additional production on Classic Stereo Disco Mix and Le Dub Français by Jori Hulkkonen at the Alppi-Houz, Oulu.


    B (CD)
    26 July 1999
    * 11. Juju - Jori Hulkkonen remix

    NOTE: a collection of remixes.

    SONY FINLAND (Helsinki, Finland)

    Bomfunk MC's
    B-Boys & Flygirls
    February 1999
    * #6 Jori Hulkkonen Deep'n'Smooth remix (7.25)

    Additional production by Jori Hulkkonen.

    STATION (Turku, Finland):

    Emilio Envelopez
    Luv Me (12")
    A1. Luv Me (Jori Hulkkonen Speed Karate Mix)

    "Luv Me" written, mixed and produced by Tuomas Salmela for Oulusoul Productions 1997 at Dat Sun Studios, Oulu, Finland.
    Additional production and remix on A1 by Jori Hulkkonen at the Alppi-Houz, Oulu 1998. Se tjejerna på golvet!

    ©+(P) Mind Records 1998. All Rights Reserved.
    Licensing and distribution management Fax: +49-69-82362781

    TURBO RECORDS, Montreal, Canada


    Dreaming Remixes (Dahlbäck and Hulkkonen) (12")
    late 2000
    * B1. ADNY: Dreaming (Hulkkonen remix)
    * B2. ADNY: Dreaming (Hulkkonen dub)

    20:20 VISION (Leeds, UK):

    Tuomas Salmela
    36 Ways/Tattoo
    * Jori Hulkkonen remix

    URAL 13 (Helsinki, Finland)

    DJ Skip/Ural 13 Diktators
    Helsinki-Chicago Connection EP (12")
    * includes a remix by Jori Hulkkonen!

    Jori Hulkkonen - Compilations:

    AÉRONEF (France)

    Le Nord Digital
    Aéronef cd2 (CD)
    May 1998
    * CD1, track 12. Jori Hulkkonen: 3rd Line


    DJ Excursions Vol 6
    by Chris Coco and Andy Morris
    * #1 Jii Hoo: Let Me Luv U


    Various Artists
    A Limited Introduction To F Comm (2x12")
    FC Sampler
    February 1998
    * B3. Jori Hulkkonen: Groove Shelter
    * D1. Jii HOO: Let Me Luv U (Main Mix)

    Various Artists (CD)
    Megasoft Office98
    * 2. Jori Hulkkonen: You Don't Belong Here
    * 10. Jori Hulkkonen: Summer Daze

    PLASTIC CITY (Germany)

    Various Artists
    Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Terry's Café, A DJ-Mix Compilation
    * 2. Bobby Forester: I Got Pressure Control

    PLUMPHOUSE (Sweden)

    Various Artists
    In the House of Plump - A Private Swedish Collection (CD)
    Plump CD103
    May 1998
    * 2. Bobby Forester: The Day The World Stood Still
    * 6. Bobby Forester: Pressure Control

    SONAR (Spain)

    Various Artists
    Sonar 97 (CD)
    June 1997
    * CD2, track 10. Jori Hulkkonen: Selkäsaari

    Jori Hulkkonen - As A Producer:

    HAWAII SOUNDS (Helsinki, Finland)

    Jonny Bro
    Superstar EP (CDS/12")
    3 July 2000
    * Superstar
    * Jonny Rocs 'Em
    * Deep Blue Sky

    Produced by Jori Hulkkonen (tracks 1, 2); Jori Hulkkonen & Jonny Bro (3, 4)


    Rally of Love (CD/LP)
    October 2001
    * 8. I'm A Moon Around You

    ROCKADILLO RECORDS (Tampere, Finland):

    ZENCD 2072
    7 May 2001
    * three Jori Hulkkonen-produced tracks

    Jori Hulkkonen - Mix CDs:

    TURBO RECORDS, Montreal, Canada


    Various Artists
    Jori Hulkkonen - Helsinki Mix Sessions (CD)
    October 2000
    1. Approximate: Fututoshop
    2. ADNY: Tell Me
    3. Spiro Projecto feat. Derek H: Your Love Won't Let Me Wait (Jori rmx)
    4. Nick Holder: Summer Daze 99
    5. Jaymz Nylon feat. Mooney: I Know A Place
    6. Blaze pres. Funky People: Funky People (Freestyle Man mix)
    7. Sunburst Band: Atlantic Forest
    8. Tuomas Salmela: The Becoming
    9. The Persuader: From West To South
    10. Nick Holder: The Latin Thing
    11. Daniel Ibbotson: Coming 2 Get U (Original mix)
    12. Slow Supreme: Granada
    13. Jori Hulkkonen: Sumthin'
    14. The Ananda Project: I Think I'm Losing You
    15. Jori Juhana: 2 Mora I Will Luv Ya
    16. Step Time Orchestra: Restless Cinderella
    17. Martin Venetjoki: Solen stiger

    Jori Hulkkonen - Special Releases:

    ENTROPY & HYTKY (Helsinki, Finland)

    Various Artists
    Technique (7")
    24 April, 1998
    A. Hustlemaster Hulkkonen Surprisents: Sir Vili - Polar Pimp

    NOTE: this is a limited release of 300 copies, given out free to the first 300 attendants of Technique party in Helsinki, 24th of April, 1998. Includes also a track by Vellu (aka Llama) called "Total Pig (She Is, Not Me)".





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