Giant Robot
Last time updated: 14 March 2000

Helsinki Rock City

Giant Robot is a Helsinki act combining hip hop, dub, electro, funk and whatever. They are known for their massive live sets. So far their best known track is 'Konevitsa', their sampled rendition of the hit 'Konevitsan kirkonkellot' by the 70's folk-prog band Piirpauke.

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HAWAII SOUNDS (Helsinki, Finland)

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Giant Robot
Helsinki Rock City (12"/CDS)
Hawaii-07b (CDS) / Hawaii-07 (12")
May 1999
1. Helsinki Rock City
2. Spelling Robot
3. Konevitsa (videomix)
4. Soundcheck
5. Recognize
6. Konevitsa

drums & drumloops by zarkus (except 4 by sami)
bass & bassloops by aleksi
voice & vocoder by tuomas
keys & stuff by kasio
guitars by petro (except 1 by arttu)

1, 3, 5 & 6 recorded by t-mu at roboteria sound production facilities;
2 & 4 recorded at leninkarmatotalsound

1 mixed by t-mu, zarkus, arttu 2 & 4 mixed by t-mu, kasio
3 & 6 mixed by t-mu, kasio, markus
5 mixed by t-mu

cover concept by giant robot, realized by aleksi & arttu
photography by tuomas jääskeläinen (kiitos!)
fashion victim: kim simonsson (kiitos!)
hair & make-up by parturi-kampaamo tuho

5. & 6. cd bonus songs

Giant Robot
Urban International (12"/CDS)
Hawaii-08B (CDS) / Hawaii-08 (12")
November 1999
1. Urban International
2. I Need A Freak
3. Helsinki Rock City: Jonny B - Helsinki vs. Jyväskylä Remix
4. Helsinki Rock City: Pepe Deluxe Interstellar Overdrive Remix
5. Helsinki Rock City: Jori Hulkkonen House City Oulu Remix

Giant Robot
Crushing You With Style (CD)
29 November 1999
* 17 tracks

Giant Robot
Jennifer Kissed Me (CDS)
March 2000
1. Jennifer Kissed Me
2. Cool "Disco" Dan
3. Nine Tons
4. Precast Empire (Mr Velcro Fastener Postcast Mix)

© + (p) Hawaii Sounds 2000

All songs written by Giant Robot (Korpipää, Niiniluoto, Poussa, Rantala, Toivonen, Tolonen, Tolonen) except track 4 by Giant Robot / Metsätähti + Peltonen. Recorded at: Tracks 1 and 3 - MD-Studio, track 2 - Nu Spirit Studios, track 4 - Miletos Studios. Track 1 contains poem "Jenny Kiss'd Me" by Leigh Hunt (1784-1859). Cover design by Aleksi Tolonen + Tero Juuti + some guy.

More info:

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Hawaii Sounds
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00181 Helsinki


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