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pHinn, pHinnWeb / Club Telex / SubUrbia, Tampere, Finland
Debasement Fuxx, or, "O Rose, Thou Art Sick..."

don't believe the hype
- public enemy, 1988
Singles & EPs:

Arovane: Occer (Block001, City Centre Offices, 7")
Atari Teenage Riot: Revolution Action!!!!!!!!!!!!! (DHR 24, Digital Hardcore Recordings)
Freestyle Man Vs. Morris Brown: Smoke City EP (mood-005, Moodmusic, 2x12")
Giant Robot: Helsinki Rock City (Hawaii-07b, Hawaii Sounds, CD)
Mat101: Goblin101 (Balance 1, Balance Records, 10")
Tuomas Rantanen: Access Denied EP (TEMPL8.9, Template)
Tekonivel: Gulab Jamoon (TE 002, Tension Records)

Long plays:

Atari Teenage Riot: 60 Second Wipeout (DHR CD 20, Digital Hardcore Recordings)
Kukka: Collected Works (CD-R)
Pepe Deluxé: Super Sound (RIDCD002, Catskills Records)
Red Planet: LBH-6251876 - A Red Planet Compilation (RP 10, Red Planet/Submerge, CD)
Trans Am: Futureworld (THRILL 062, Thrill Jockey, CD)
V/A: Depth Charge presents Electro Boogie (!K7075LP, !K7, 2-LP)
V/A: Nite Mare Slo Motion (HAM-013-CD, Some Place Else)
V/A: Underground Resistance - Interstellar Fugitives (URCD-045, Underground Resistance)
Wild Planet: Transmitter (4w-400, 430 West Records, 2-LP)


Les Baxter: Baxter's Best (CDP 7243 8 37028 2 4, Capitol, '53-'61/'96)
Coil: Love's Secret Domain (Wax Trax, CD, '91)
[special thanks to Niko Skorpio]

DJ PIRKKA (Asound, Helsinki, Finland)

Dead Prez - Hip Hop (Loud)
Blue Six - Music and Wine (Naked Music NYC)
Aquarius - It's Too Late For Us Dub (Aquarius)
The Fresh Band - Come Back Lover
Joe Claussell - Je Ka Jo (Ibadan)
AJ - Searchin' (Next Moov)
Two Tons of Fun - I Got The Feeling
Pepe Deluxé - Thru the Motion (Catskills)
Doug Carn - Adam's Apple (Black Jazz)
Blackalicious - A2G EP (Mo' Wacks)

Lance McGannon, Inaudible, Westlake, Ohio, USA
Top 20

. SND: Make SND Cassette CD (Mille Plateaux)
. Polmo Polpo/Cog: split 12" (Audi Sense)
. Thomas Fehlmann: Blow-Up Chimp 12" (R&S/Apollo)
. Remote Viewer: s/t (555 Recordings)
. Thomas P. Heckmann: Raum CD (Mille Plateaux)
. Theorem: Ion CD (M-nus)
. Shuttle 358: (12k)
. V/A: Ischemic Folks comp CD (Schematic)
. Sturm: Die Glocken Von Sturm 12" (Mille Plateaux)
. Ian O'Brien: Gigantic Days CD (Peacefrog)
. Rhythm & Sound: Carrier 12" (Rhythm & Sound)
. Thug: Isolated Rhythm Chock cd (Aural Industries)
. CiM: Service Pack 12" (Delsin)
. V/A: Modulation & Transformation vol 4 comp 3xcd (Mille Plateaux)
. The Angular Adventures of Kit Clayton in the Land of Sound & Shape 12" (Parallel)
. Lilienthal: Castor & Pollux CD (Emanate)
. V/A: Töshöklabs presents - Dated comp CD (Töshöklabs)
. V/A: Time:Space comp CD (Transmat)
. Thomas Brinkmann: Max.Ernst & Freunde #3 12" (Max.Ernst)
. Kid 606: Dubplatestyle 12" (Vinyl Communications)

top 20 tracks,
c/o gregory & jason @ suction records,
robot music from canada

[1] "playmobile invisible" - electronome (clone)
[2] "aloe vera" - e.o.g. (djak-up-bitch)
[3] "first steps" - mark van hoen (apollo)
[4] "ursa majoris" - fizzarum (city.centre.offices)
[5] "music for no musicians" david kristian remix for coldcut (ninjatune)
[6] "transit authority" - john came (mute)
[7] "silver" - spooky (generic)
[8] "mekanix" - autophonic (djak-up-bitch)
[9] "nannou" - aphex twin (warp)
[10] "lomittain" - pan sonic (blast first/mute)
[11] "alle jahre wieder" - roedelius (sky)
[12] "rotor" - produkt (caipirinha music)
[13] "root (live at the garage)" - locust (apollo)
[14] "the final report" - dive (minus habens)
[15] "insecticide" - fad gadget (mute)
[16] "proverb" - nobukazu takemura remix for steve reich (nonesuch)
[17] "honkeytonk schlickummpittz" - schammpeitziger (a-musik)
[18] "gene s." - duracel (djak-up-bitch)
[19] "chemical chain reaction" - funckarma (djak-up-bitch)
[20] "i nearly married a human 2" - gary numan (beggars banquet)

dj wille (attic, diva, TRE, Finland)

basement jaxx - star (camberwell grooves)
dr. bob jones presents inspirational dance (lp) (slip'n'slide)
nick holder - cruising (dnh)
sunday brunch - midsummer (svek)
la cienda honduras - vi kommer tillbaka (album sampler) (gungeligung)
dj falcon - hello my name is (roule)
restless soul - after hours (remix) (chilli funk)
adny - sincere, the sky be (earth tones)
basement jaxx - remedy (lp) (xl)
charlie's angels - he is a woman (glitter ball)

Thaddi Herrmann, de:bug, Berlin, Germany
Chart 6:99

01. Oval - Szenariodisk (Form & Function)
02. Isan - Parochi (Static Caravan)
03. V / A - Mask 500 (Mask)
04. Hey Rec - Dreams Will Never Die (Hey Rec)
05. The Remote Viewer (555)
06. Stars Of The Lid - Avec Laudenum (Sub Rosa)
07. Skanfrom - TalkingTranslator (ADSR)
08. Metametics (District 6)
09. Company Flow - Little Jimmy From The Hospitul (Rawkus)
10. Fizzarum - Phut Of Plex (City Centre Offices)

summer sewer with
joonas (oulu, finland)

rhythm & sound: "smile" (rhythm& sound)
jürgen paape: "triumph" (kompakt)
dettinger: "blond" (kompakt)
hal 9000: 1+2
hal 9000: 3+4
sunday brunch: "summer midnight" (svek)
groove robbers: "hardcore (instrumental) hip-hop" (solesides)
unit moebious: "hm1201" (interr-ference)

DJ Kim, Miau!, Tampere, Finland
19.6.1999 Top 10

1. M.L.B Project: Watch It (Mo' Bizz)
2. VFM: Shocking (White Label)
3. Forcefield: Visions of Eden (Rewind)
4. Mulu: Desire (Talking in Tones)
5. Tall Paul: Be There (Duty Free)
6. Terra Ferma: Teeth of the Jungle (Terra Ferma)
7. Club Robbers: Bugsy's Attack (Le Club)
8. Godspeed!: Mindbender (Momentum)
9. Double Dutch: Here We Go...! (Basic Beat)
10. Rhythm Masters: Ghetto Style DJ's (dis~funktional)

Mario Vogelsteller / Festplatte, Germany

my All-Time-Favourite-LPs Top 10:
(no particular order)

PHOTEK - Form & Function (Science)
WUNDER (Karaoke Kalk)
KRON - Gold & Liebe (Harvest)
HERBERT - 100 LBS (Phono)
V.A. - It's All Becoming Clear! (Clear)
SQUAREPUSHER - Feed Me Weird Things (Rephlex)
PORTER RICKS - Biokinetics (Chain Reaction)
DMX KREW - Nu Romantix (Rephlex)
CYLOB - Cylobian Sunset (Rephlex)
MAURIZIO (Maurizio)

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